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Top 5 Eco-Travel Tips for Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest, which is the world’s largest annual fair and one of the best festivals in Germany, starts on September 18. Each year, millions of people from all around the world come to beautiful Munich to...
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Does Ecotourism Help Communities? Perspective from Mexico

Tourism is the largest industry in the world and as such has the power to greatly benefit communities and elevate people’s standards of living. I had an opportunity to ask Enrique Valdes Garcia, who is...
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Ya’ man Jamaica Travel Got Nature and Wildlife Too!

It may not immediately come to mind, but natural rivers and springs are abundant in Jamaica. With over 120 rivers flowing through the country from the central mountain region to the coasts, and several mineral...
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Despite regional political struggles, Jordan is a welcoming family ecotourism destination

While not the first place you would think of for ecotourism, Jordan’s natural landscape of waterfalls and canyons as well as the Dead Sea and the Mujib gorge, which enjoys the distinction of being the...
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Grano de Oro is a welcome respite from the hum of San Jose

Our last stop on our introductory tour through Costa Rica that included Finca Rosa Blanca and Pacuare Lodge, was San Jose, where the CST Level 4 certified Grano de Oro was grandly perched and waiting...
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Finca Rosa Blanca provides a perfect introduction to Costa Rica

Our first impressions of San Jose reminded us of the surrounding hills and valleys of the San Francisco Bay Area in California. My husband and I had just landed (via San Salvador) and the warm,...
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Making Sense of Europe’s VISIT Eco-labels

Ask most international travelers about the eco-label that most comes to mind for sustainable tourism and the common answer given will be Europe’s VISIT eco-label. Yet, the European VISIT (Voluntary Initiative for Sustainability in Tourism)...
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Ecotourism in America: Oregon and Washington eco-itinerary

This Ecotourism in America series, which has highlighted many of the natural beauty and wildlife viewing opportunities available in the U.S., concludes with an eco-itinerary for what is typically viewed as the most environmentally conscious...
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Ecotourism in America: California eco-itinerary

Let’s find ourselves with a California eco-itinerary. With a bevy of national parks and forests, California offers ample opportunities for family ecotourism adventurers to enjoy one last end-of-summer weekend mountain biking, hiking, and whitewater rafting. Besides...
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Ecotourism in America: New Mexico and Arizona eco-itinerary

In the eighth installment of a series that highlights the natural beauty and wildlife viewing opportunities available within the U.S., our focus turns to Southwest, wherein the last year, New Mexico has made a concerted...
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