Sustainable Destination Strategy & Assessment

Travel benefits local economies most when it is sensibly planned to maximize returns and minimize negative impacts. Are you prepared with an effective sustainable destination strategy?  

Before destinations became ‘places to go’, they were home to people who established livelihoods, shaped cultural traditions, and appreciated the surrounding forests, mountains or beaches. Today, it’s these characteristics that both attract new residents and create memorable events and travel experiences. 

“Destination marketing organizations, mayors, state governors, hotel CEOs, tour operators, online travel leaders, and many others have realized that sitting out the political and geopolitical issues of the world is no longer an option when it comes to attracting and retaining travelers.” ~ Rafat Ali, Founder & CEO Skift (Megatrends Defining Travel in 2018)

Sustainable Destination Strategy Assessment

Ready to take the destination strategy plunge?

Tourism Destination Strategy Assessment

Reducing the negative impact of travel through sustainable destination strategy and principles is complex, but essential – for tourism, for people, and for the environment.

  • Concerned about your destination’s reputation?
  • Looking to capture the business-leisure (bleisure) market with your conferences and events?
  • Do residents facilitate or hinder your destination growth strategy?

“City leaders in government, tourism, and economic development are collaborating more strategically to grow their leisure and business travel sectors in alignment with the interests of their local communities and industries…for these initiatives to deliver a positive return on investment, it’s critical for tourism organizations to work effectively with their local government and economic development agencies to secure the necessary public funds and business community buy-in.” ~ Greg Oates, Skift

Our Approach Combines Sound Business Metrics With Action Plans That Are Both Visionary & Practical

Sustainable Destination Strategy Assessment

Essentially, travel benefits local economies most when it is sensibly planned to target specific visitor profiles, maximize return on investments, and minimize negative social and environmental impacts. 

Greenloons has partnered with Astrapto to create destination strategies, sustainable tourism destination assessments, and action plans that:

  • Designate priority initiatives
  • Enhance the quality of life for residents
  • Optimize the economic impacts of the tourism industry
  • Provide a performance grade for continuous improvement

Together, we have deep experience in:

  • Developing and promoting tourism assets
  • Quantifying economic impact
  • Assessing environmental impact
  • Leveraging authentic experiences
  • Focusing on local goods & services
  • Creating tourism action plans & strategic partnerships
  • Addressing resident quality of life

Our approach consists of seven phases of work housed by three distinct themes. The hallmark of our approach is that our clients gain business value with each key phase of an assessment thereby producing a roadmap that engages stakeholders in the decision-making process.

Sustainable Destination Strategy Assessment

Destination Stakeholders Can Assess The Triple Bottom Line

Destination developers, tourism company owners, government relations personnel, visitor service center and convention visitor bureau directors, and municipal government sustainability champions can determine impacts for all three aspects of sustainability.

Tourism Destination Strategy Triple Bottom Line Impact

Profit & Economic Performance Impacts

  • Worried about tourism seasonality impacts on job growth?
  • Hoping to capture the luxury market demand for personal fulfillment and wellness?
  • Are you aligning events with priority growth industries such as clean tech and life sciences?

Planet & Environmental Performance Impacts

  • Concerned about over-tourism’s effect on critical infrastructure?
  • Needing to make your city more resilient to extreme weather?
  • Want to become a sustainable destination but don’t know where to start?

People & Social Performance Impacts

  • Looking to create a destination brand that offers truly authentic, local experiences?
  • Interested in how convention centers can be utilized to solve local issues of hunger & skills training?
  • Have lots of great marketing ideas, but lack a focused strategy based on key performance indicators?

Greenloons & Astrapto Define a Personalized Pathway That Makes $ense For Your Destination!

In essence, our proven success as leaders and change agents can be leveraged to develop a stakeholder management approach that is engaging, efficient, and effective. In addition, our expertise with a variety of sustainable tourism strategies and best practices equips you to holistically evaluate and plan for stakeholder needs. Finally, our deep knowledge and experience with sustainability criteria along with a proven marketing approach for attracting travelers have provided destinations with a successful tourism destination strategy.

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