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Traveling to Find Your Roots – New York Times, 11/15/2013
50 Tours of a Lifetime for 2013 – National Geographic Traveler, 04/10/2013
From Venture Capital to Hiring, Entrepreneurs Discuss Challenges – Washington Post’s Capital Business, 03/03/2013
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Podcast / Speaking Engagements

Humanizing the Change, IBTM Americas 08/25/2020
Traveling with Purpose, Soho House Chicago, 07/10/2018
AdventureNEXT NearEast, Dead Sea Jordan, 05/09/2018
AdventureNEXT Balkans, Ohrid Macedonia, 05/11/2016
Travel Massive, Washington DC, 03/24/2016
Ecotourism & Sustainable Tourism Conference, Quito, 04/28/15
Ecotourism Strategies & Best Practices, US Department of State IVLP, 06/04/2014 & 09/06/2013
Ecotourism Examples and Challenges, DC EcoWomen, 04/15/2014
Digital Marketing Strategy Trends (Guest Lecturer), George Washington University, 03/21/2016 & 04/06/15 & 03/18/2013
Introduction to Tourism & Hospitality (Guest Lecturer), George Washington University, 02/25/2013
So You Want to Start Your Own Business – Women Etc Conference, 09/14/2012
Greenloons on Sustainable Destinations – The Intentional Traveler, 07/20/2012
Entrepreneur Road Map – This American Startup, 07/03/2012


Why Jordan is an Emerging Eco-Destination & its Top Sites – Azumano Travel Show (Portland, Oregon), 11/05/2011
Top Emerging Green Destinations – Azumano Travel Show (Portland, Oregon), 10/15/2011

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ITR is a non-profit organization that maintains a Memorandum of Understanding with UNESCO and is a member of the UNWTO and the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), which is supported by the United Nations Foundation and the UNEP.

BIOSPHERE RESPONSIBLE TOURISM Certification, sponsored by Instituto de Turismo Responsable (ITR), recognize and certify the destinations and touristic industry that are sustainably managed and, therefore, are examples of sustainability in international tourism.  Biosphere is a GSTC-recognized certification program and is the only and first in the world that is GSTC-approved.

The requirements demanded by BIOSPHERE standards are grouped in the following areas: The preservation of natural, cultural and landscaping heritage; the economic and social development of the local community; the contribution of the entity to the quality of life of the employees; the conservation of the environment; and the satisfaction of the clients regarding his/her involvement in the system and the quality of the service.

The Sustainable Tourism Certification Alliance (the “Alliance”) aims to create an integrated regional approach to sustainable tourism certification initially in southern and East Africa with stakeholders from other African countries encouraged to participate as a means of broadening the scope of the Alliance over time. For more information, click here.

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