Looking to Volunteer in DC, Maryland, and Virginia

Calling all who want to volunteer in DC! 

Looking to turn your love of the environment, nature and wildlife into a conservation-based ecotour vacation?  Family-focused ecotourism provider, Greenloons, can help! 

An ecotour listed on Greenloons has been third-party certified as one that emphasizes environmental education, sustains conservation efforts, supports local communities, minimizes tourist waste, and respects local cultural traditions.

In addition to providing extensive listings of eco vacation packages around the world, we offer abundant local volunteer opportunities in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia such as those listed below:


Maryland Volunteer

Potomac Conservancy

8601 Georgia Avenue, Suite 612
Silver Spring, MD 20910 US

Phone: 301 608 1188

Virginia Volunteer

The Nature Conservancy – Virginia

490 Westfield Road
Charlottesville, VA 22901 US

Phone: 434 295 5106

National Wildlife Federation Gulf Coast Volunteer

11100 Wildlife Center Drive
Reston, VA 20190 US

Phone: 800 882 9919

Washington DC Volunteer

Rosedale Conservancy

3501 Ordway Street, NW
Washington, DC 20016 US

Phone: 202 842 2600


Feeling inspired by your volunteer experience and want to continue to make an impact?  Turn your next trip into a conservation-based ecotour vacation.

Greenloons introduces more clarity to what constitutes true ecotourism.  We make it very easy to search, compare, and share about different certified ecotours offered throughout the world.

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