Greenloons Targets Boomer Market for Bucket List Adventures Showcasing Sustainability Along with Cultures

Vienna, VA, Nov. 8, 2012– Greenloons, which guides conscientious travelers to sustainable vacation choices, has identified the well-traveled boomer market as ripe for plucking when it comes to ecotourism.  “They’ve been to Europe and other mainstream destinations when it comes to being savvy travelers,” said Irene Lane, founder. “Now they’re eyeing trips of a lifetime, often traveling in unusual ways but always authentically. And they want to take these trips while they’re still in decent physical shape. Their bucket list adventures include such iconic destinations as Machu Picchu, Denali, the Serengeti and the Amazon, among others.”

The term “Boomers” identifies those born between 1946 and 1964. They’re now nearing age 50 or climbing into their 60s and they’re looking for out-of-the-box travel that might include trekking with llamas, camels or Sherpas. Often they’re seeking experiences they can share with grandchildren or friends. According to Lane’s research, 25 percent of this demographic represent a $300 billion market segment overall, in which ecotourism is the single fastest-growth area.

The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) says 82 percent of typical ecotourists are educated at college level; 60 percent wish to travel as a couple and 15 percent with children; they travel between eight and 14 days and spend more than other tourists in pursuit of wilderness and wild animals.

Greenloons targets boomers with travel opportunities to trek through wildlife conservation areas in Patagonia, take in the Inca ruins and indigenous villages around Machu Picchu, go on a walking safari with a Maasai leader in Kenya, and sail on a yacht through Alaska or the Galapagos that serves as a means to access and learn about endangered species with minimal environmental impact. Coming online soon is an Alexandra Cousteau-inspired expedition through the world’s second largest barrier reef in Belize. (Cousteau is the granddaughter of Jacques-Yves Cousteau.)

“While Greenloons trips are never about roughing it, some of our eco-adventures are more strenuous and might not fit the ‘luxury’ label,” said Lane. “When someone is 50 and up he/she doesn’t necessarily want to forsake the pleasures of life while indulging in adventure. The lodges and small ships our guests experience always represent exceptional service and comfort – and the peace of mind that comes when sustainability is top of mind.”

About Greenloons

Greenloons is a premier online resource dedicated to inspiring people to think different, be different and travel different – in ways that help to ensure a more sustainable planet. An advocate of social empowerment, financial viability and environmental preservation, Greenloons connects mindful travelers with unique, meaningful and eco-certified travel experiences all over the world.


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