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Sustainable Event Planning

Sustainable Events Sell – For Destinations & Event Planners!

It’s time to start planning again – for travel experiences and sustainable events. Certainly, the pandemic brought to light issues of economic, health, and environmental justice.  The truth is that...
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Local Destination Travel post COVID

Local Destination Travel Post COVID (Green Travel Getaway Tips for Each US State)

We are now entering month #11 of COVID-19’s disruption of our businesses, schools, and lifestyles.  But, as we wait for the distribution of a vaccine, we can look at this...
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Pat Smith

Meet Eco-Activist Grandma: How She Inspires Positive Change To Fight For Our Planet

2019 was something of a crazy year for me.  It began with me fulfilling a simple promise to clean a beach every week and ended on the stage with me...
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Green Transport Post COVID City Vacation

2 Ways To Safely Green Your Transport While on a Post COVID-19 City Vacation

COVID-19 has upended just about every industry.  Education, healthcare, retail, restaurant, airline, and, of course, tourism need introspection.  They need to be relooked at both through health, safety, and equity...
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The Rise of Agritourism Options in the United States

What originated in Italy has now grown popular in the United States. Agritourism, or agrotourism, is a one-on-one experience with the environment that lets people connect like never before. For...
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View of Assos Kefalonia Greece

My Perfect Week in Assos on the Island of Kefalonia Greece

Seemingly, everyone is planning a trip to Greece, which isn’t a surprise given that it’s usually at the top of many travel bucket lists and it happens to be where...
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Culture South America Girl

Green New Deal vs. Carbon Pricing in the Context of Travel

Many discussions are occurring these days about the Green New Deal, Carbon Pricing, and Travel Carbon Emissions.  But, these terms are connected by one concept – payment.  We pay a...
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best ecotourism destinations travel green

Best Ecotourism Destinations for 2020 by Season

Before destinations became wonderful places to visit, they were home to people who founded livelihoods, shaped cultural traditions, and appreciated the surrounding topography for occasional outdoor play. For 2020, it’s...
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Environmental Issue Solution_Bhutan_MyBhutan

Bhutan’s Environmental Challenge & Solutions

My name is Gembo and I am a senior guide with MyBhutan with a personal story about Bhutan’s environmental challenge.  Given that I have been a cultural guide for the...
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Unique Family Vacation

3 Unique Family Vacation Destinations

Longing to get away from the crowds while also providing a unique family vacation experience?  Fortunately, we’ve selected three destinations where you don’t have to sacrifice your sustainable values.  These...
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Sydney Great Barrier Reef_Australia

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef: A Perfect Week for Families

In youth, I dreamed about exploring the Great Barrier Reef.  As the world’s largest coral reef system, I marveled at how it was composed from over 2,900 individual reefs and...
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photo of mondragon palace2

Insider’s View of Ronda Spain: More Than a Day Trip

Ronda is a small mountain town in Andalusia, Spain known for its beautiful surrounding scenery and the famous Puente Nuevo.  This bridge separates the Old and New Towns with stunning...
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