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Water trek from La Gaulette to Ile aux Benitiers © Mauritius Conscious

How Your Next Trip to Mauritius Revolutionizes Tourism

I first landed in Mauritius three years ago and, I haven’t left ever since.  My friends and family back in Mexico think that the green-blue waters and year-round perfect weather...
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Steps for Carbon Offsetting Your Vacation

Did you know there is a certification behind the value of carbon offsetting your vacation?  Since 1997, Green-e has set the standard for renewable energy in the United States and Canada as...
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How the Tiny House Movement is Changing the Way We Travel

The tiny house phenomenon is one of the most curious and captivating travel and living trends in the sustainable movement. But just what are tiny houses, and why are they...
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Stingray City, Grand Cayman is not ecotourism, it’s overtourism!

Before departing for a family vacation on the Cayman Islands a couple of months ago, the overwhelming recommendation we received was to visit magical, fascinating Stingray City. For the uninitiated,...
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Best Eco Experiences for 2018

I’m constantly being asked What’s the best eco destination? and my answer is always It’s the destination that has placed emphasis on tourism that benefits local communities. Thankfully, unlike a...
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5 Places You Might Not Expect To Find Ecotourism

Lots of people have a very mainstream view of ecotourism, imagining the same old destinations when the word ‘sustainable tourism’ comes to mind. But the real hardcore eco-warriors of the...
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Europe Train

Flights vs Trains: How Rail Travel Can Help Save Our Planet This Earth Day

As a way to celebrate Earth Day 2017 on April 22nd, GoEuro, the travel platform for comparing and booking trains, buses, and flights across Europe, compiled a list of 15 train...
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1 night Raft

Infographic – What does Authentic Ecotourism mean?

With ecotourism estimated to be the fastest-growing sector of the global tourism market (UNWTO), it is imperative that those of us seeking to reduce our environmental impact while traveling find...
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