Introduction to Ecotourism

Ecotourism 101: How Ecotourism Benefits Children

Ecotourism benefits children as it is full of what educators call teachable moments or, more definitively, unplanned opportunities to explain a concept that has unintentionally captured a child’s interest. Whether it is touring the rainforests...
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Sustainable Tourism Mission of Rainforest Alliance

Recently, the Rainforest Alliance introduced its stricter Rainforest Alliance Verified ™ seal to delineate, for ecotourism purposes, tourism enterprises and projects that meet criteria developed by the Rainforest Alliance or by other aligned organizations. So,...
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Ecotourism 101: Does Carbon Offsetting Vacations Really Help the Earth?

Unlike ten years ago when the mantra reduce, reuse, recycle, reclaim was in vogue and hailed by people, especially those in developed countries, who wanted to do their part to stem climate change, the de rigueur...
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Voluntourism: Checkbook Philanthropy Morphing into Participatory Philanthropy

Whether it is responding to the disasters in the Gulf Coast, Haiti and Chile or helping to save sea turtles around Zakynthos island in Greece, voluntourism is fast becoming a popular way to donate one’s...
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Criteria That Makes a Hotel an Eco-hotel?

How can one tell the difference between a true green or eco-hotel and a hotel that employs greenwashing practices?  The good news is that there are some reputable green hotel certification programs, including the Green...
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Ecotourism 101: What is greenwashing?

With a projected value of $474 billion by 2012, ecotourism is fast becoming a growing niche market with hoteliers and destination tour operators promoting their products as environmentally conscious when upon closer inspection, they are...
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Ecotourism 101: How is ecotourism different from other types of tourism?

Ecotourism is different from other types of tourism simply because its distinct clarifications have been incorrectly applied.  Ecotourism, which is a type of travel that focuses on the discovery of a wildlife habitat in a manner...
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Ecotourism 101: What is ecotourism?

Over the last two decades, the term ecotourism has been manipulated in so many different ways, it is no wonder that there is confusion about exactly what is ecotourism.  As evidenced by the video below,...
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