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Introduction to Ecotourism

Let’s End Our Love Affair with Water Bottles – Travelers Against Plastic

Last year, our family traveled to Namibia with 600 other intrepid travelers for the annual Adventure Travel World Summit.  Given Namibia’s recent nod by the New York Times, as number 6 of the 52 Places to...
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Volunteering at an Organic Vineyard in Tuscany – A Personal WWOOF Travel Experience

As our bus driver expertly weaved around the bends and curves of the Tuscan countryside in Italy, I found myself totally transfixed by the rolling hills that surrounded us. Looking out, I felt that the...
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Ecotourism Infographic – Vacation with a Conscience

Travelers are increasingly weighing their effects on the environment and local communities when deciding on a vacation destination. In fact, a 2012 TripAdvisor survey reports that green travel is gaining momentum among the site’s members;...
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How Women Can ‘Lean In’ to Solve the World’s Social, Economic and Environmental Disparities

Amongst all the chatting and analysis over the last couple of months about Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead, what struck me the most was that the predominant dialog...
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Why Local is Worth Every Cent – Benefits of Buying Local

So many of us are on the hunt for bargains – whether they be food, furnishings or travel bargains.  For the extra money saved, some of us will drive an extra 30 minutes to get...
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4 Easy Ways Families Can Have a Pay it Forward Vacation

It is downright tough to plan an extraordinary family vacation these days. Assuming you find a convenient time on the busy family calendar, you have to be conscious about activity and meal preferences — as...
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Yes, Real Men Go Green! 7 Easy Tips for Finding Sustainable Lodging

Read 7 tips for making green travel effortless – without guilt and without spending a lot of money. Green can have personal upside, pizazz and machismo!  Somewhere along the way – maybe between the marketing...
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A New Beginning: Fifty Shades of Green Travel

While many journalists, philosophers, scientists and lay people debated the significance of the Mayan calendar finishing last December 21, one fact that was consistently overlooked was that the Mayans celebrated the end of their calendar...
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What’s So Different About Green Travel?

What does green travel really mean and how can you be a more responsible traveler?   No doubt, unless you have been lucky enough to travel your way unplugged through the mountains, rainforests and villages...
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Does A Sustainable Green Lifestyle Cost More?

Think you can’t afford to live a much more sustainable lifestyle? Doesn’t a green lifestyle cost more?  That’s a popular misconception – as the demand for environmentally-friendly products has grown over the years, consumers have...
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