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Green School Curriculum

Children Connect to History Through Travel

It’s amazing how travel can inspire that moment of clarity for a young child where s/he understands a bit more about their world! That’s what happened to our son during a recent trip to Rome,...
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Need eco travel ideas? Start with the greenest college campuses

If you are looking for some eco travel inspiration, start by visiting the towns across the United States that host green college campuses. Compiled by Princeton Review, this list depicts how many colleges are leading...
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Kid Green Travel Guide to Costa Rica

There’s an abundance of quality travel guides available, but none that focus on engaging elementary school students who want to learn some green travel tips for the foreign country they are visiting with their family....
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Last minute Holiday gift ideas for children to learn about the environment

If you are like me, you enjoy purchasing children’s gifts that inspire, educate and delight! If you are also running short on time to buy those last minute Holiday gifts like me, here are some...
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