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Does A Sustainable Green Lifestyle Cost More?

Think you can’t afford to live a much more sustainable lifestyle? Doesn’t a green lifestyle cost more?  That’s a popular misconception – as the demand for environmentally-friendly products has grown over the years, consumers have...
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5 Tips for Handling an Overseas ER Visit

Over the years, I’ve had a couple of medical curveballs thrown at me – some even while I was traveling outside the United States. But, up until a few weeks ago, I never had to...
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De-stress & Manage Jetlag When Traveling With Young Kids

As new parents back in 2005, we naively decided to take our 7 month old across ten time zones for his first Christmas. My husband and I were just itching to go on a trip...
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5 More Green Tips for Time-Starved Family Vacation Planners

Vacation time is upon us all! And, whether you planned your vacation six months ago or six days ago, there is always that last minute distressed feeling of how is this all going to come...
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Food allergies keeping you stateside? Innovative translation cards can help

It’s a fact of life today that many adults and children suffer from severe food allergies or have specific dietary restrictions. Sometimes, the constant vigilance to avoid cross-contamination or foods with hidden ingredients coupled with...
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5 Family Travel Planning Tips for Vacations Overseas

For regular readers of this blog, it may be of little surprise to know that I love planning family trips. I’m not sure if it is due to my type-a personality that encourages order (or...
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Common Opinions and the Real Benefits of Travel Insurance

Is travel insurance really worth it? That’s the question that often gets tossed around the travel community. As the General Manager of, I want to delve into some of the common myths and opinions...
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Family Travel: Vaccinations for children traveling abroad

In the midst of planning flights, deciphering train and boat schedules, or seeking out accommodations for your next family trip, another deliberation may be the need for additional vaccinations for yourself and your children. Currently,...
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