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Explore Green Asia

Asia, a colorful mix of spirituality, incense, spices and architecture, captivates from the start.  Whether you are visiting the Great Wall of China, admiring the temples of Thailand, enduring the jungles of Malaysia, tackling the...
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Greener Travel Options for Visiting South America

Given the disconnected transportation network of the region, here are some helpful hints for greener travel while visiting South America.  In some respects, it seems that traveling to and through South America is very complicated...
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Best European Train Travel Sites

One of the most enjoyable travel experiences for students, couples or families is traveling by train through Europe.  Travelers can rest comfortably, eat a decent meal, enjoy the scenery, arrive on time at their destination...
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Free Eco Certification Guide for Sustainable Travel

The only manual of its kind, our eco certification guide to standards clarifies evaluation criteria for the Top 18 eco-vacation accreditations.  We just published a revised comprehensive online certification reference guide aimed at aiding environmentally conscious travelers,...
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Eco-hotel Search Sites to Get a Break From Ol’ Man Winter

It’s been a while since discussing the criteria that makes an eco-hotel and given that the green lodging space is changing very quickly and becoming ever more popular, I thought it was time to provide...
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E-book Readers Lighten the Travel Load

For an item that weighs less than a pound, you can upload all the travel guides, novels, and self-help books you can stand.  And, you can even add newspaper and magazine subscriptions so you won’t...
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Solar-Powered Travel Gadgets

If you have ever found yourself traveling through a country that had low reliability with respect to the electrical grid or just wanted to travel with an even lighter carbon footprint, you may want to...
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Environmental Benefits of Sharing Cars

If you use public transportation often but are in need of a car occasionally or find that you frequently travel to major cities around the world and require a car rental, an environmentally friendlier option...
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Amtrak Offers Fun & Responsible Alternative to Driving

With its sleeping, dining, and private bathroom accommodations, the concept is a great one. Once at your destination, you could rent a hybrid car or even take a multi-day bike tour.  I just wish that...
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Examples of Greenwashing Practices

Along with the term green sheen, greenwashing is the insincere promotion of green business practices that are advertised as reducing carbon emissions or limiting the use of scarce resources, for example, when the actual objective...
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