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Australia Eco Travel

Tasmania Family Travel Offers a Noah’s Ark for Endangered Wildlife

The term “Noah’s Ark” can conjure up many images. For some, it’s a biblical reference set in modern-day Turkey. For others, it’s traveling through the lush landscapes of southern Africa while on safari. For Australians...
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EarthCheck Certification Focuses on Carbon Emissions

The origins of EarthCheck certification date back to 1997 when the Australian government created the Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre (STCRC) in order to produce science-based research about sustainability in the travel industry. In the...
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Get Hands-on for Australia Conservation

Last October, the Conservation Ecology Centre near Cape Otway in Victoria, Australia announced the birth of four Tiger Quoll joeys. The announcement was significant because even 10 years ago, Wild Tiger Quolls were thought to...
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Four Endangered Tiger Quoll Joeys Born in Otways Australia

The Conservation Ecology Center, located just outside Apollo Bay in Australia, has successfully bred four rare Tiger Quolls. The gorgeous spotted joeys are now three months old and fit into the palm of your hand....
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Importance of Triple Bottom Line Sustainability – Interview With CEO of Ecotourism Australia

Recently, I had an opportunity to pose some questions to Kym Cheatham, CEO of Ecotourism Australia, which is a non-profit organization that is Australia’s main ecotourism industry association. Here, she shares some great perspective on...
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Go Green Mate through Australia!

My first visit to Australia provided lasting memories that I conjure up even to this day – the koala bears that actually aren’t that cuddly, the fragile Great Barrier Reef bursting with color, the aboriginal...
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New Zealand Travel is Like a Giant Outdoor Playground

Distinctive New Zealand travel options are resplendent with nature, adventure, flora, fauna, and naturalist guides committed to conservation.  And, as the last major landmass on earth to be settled – humans arrived 1000 years ago...
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Ecotourism Certification Standards: Deconstructing Ecotourism Australia Certification

Australia’s strong efforts toward building an ecotourism certification program have resulted in a globally recognized brand that is slowly being utilized by other countries that have recognized the need for providing “ecologically sustainable tourism with...
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