Business Certification Audits

Eco-certification business audits are the most transparent way to validate and grow your tourism business. Certification is awarded to companies that have disclosed their sustainable operations, participated in training on new technologies and undergone-stringent on-site visits by independent auditors.

Why get certified?

The practice of ecotourism and sustainable tourism has the potential to change the world. Eco-certification is good for:

Your business.

Grow your business with a green guarantee. Unlike other travel segments, the green travel market is estimated grow 5% annually worldwide, representing 6% of the world’s GDP and reflecting 11.4 % of all consumer vacation spending.

Your customers.

Establish the credibility and transparency needed to connect with socially conscious travelers and provide them with the reassurance that their travel plans will not only enrich their own lives, but also the world around them.

Your planet.

Demonstrate your company’s commitment to conserving and enhancing bio-cultural diversity and helping to protect the natural and cultural heritage of our planet.

Your communities.

Do your part to increase local capacity building and employment opportunities in the regions you serve and help empower local communities around the world to achieve sustainable development.

Discover how one simple step can make a difference in conserving natural areas, alleviating poverty, empowering people, enhancing education, improving the health and well-being of local communities, and increasing your ROI.

Why choose Greenloons?

With over 25 eco-certification accreditation bodies in the world and growing confusion as to what sustainable travel truly means, count on Greenloons to provide the clarity and the insight you need to successfully navigate the eco-certification process.

Rather than worry about which of the more than 50 certifications will work best for your company, trust in Greenloons to help implement policies and processes that will make a positive sustainable impact as well as provide you with the peace of mind that your business is green guaranteed.

Given our strategic partnerships with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, Rainforest Alliance, Sustainable Tourism Certification Alliance Africa and the Instituto de Turismo Responsable, who are all working at the international level to ensure these Certifications remain relevant, we are in a unique position to help shape certification criteria and implementation requirements as well as to educate consumers about the importance of certification.

Lastly, our founder, Irene Lane, is the only person in North America who is an authorized auditor for Biosphere, thus far the only internationally approved sustainable tourism certification to meet international standards for transparency, impartiality, and competence.

Resourceful, respected, and connected, Greenloons is a key player in the eco-certification field. As your trusted partner, we can help you navigate the path of sustainability in a way that also maximizes your return on investment.