Alaska Kenai Peninsula, Peru Amazon Rainforest & Introductions to Maasai in Kenya Among New Offerings

Vienna, VA, May 30, 2012 – Sustainable travel trailblazer Greenloons recently added third-party-certified eco-travel, lodge-based options and programs on Alaska Kenai Peninsula and in Kenya and Peru, announced Irene Lane, Greenloons visionary founder.

“What’s especially nice about these lodges is that their sustainably directed amenities and programs can be enjoyed by all of their visitors, not just those coming in as part of a group,” said Lane. “This means a lot to families and couples traveling independently who are looking for serendipitous, authentic experiences.”

While the Alaska program primarily focuses on wildlife, in the Amazon, and in Kenya, in addition to wildlife and flora and fauna, opportunities present themselves time and again to mingle informally with indigenous peoples.

For example, Kenya’s Campi ya Kanzi (Camp of the Hidden Treasure) is a community project with the local Maasai on their Kuku Group Ranch of 400 square miles. Eco-Luxury Maasai Conservation Safari is a Kenya eco-rated, Gold-certified eco-lodge that shelters only 16 guests at a time in the solitude and adventure of true wilderness. Guests stroll down (rather than ride in a 4×4) the foothills of the savannah and learn cultural traditions from the Maasai by visiting them with their families at their homes, schools and medical clinic. Guests can volunteer in the Maasai communities.

The Rainforest Alliance Verified™ Rainforest Expeditions based in Peru is now included in the Greenloons’ dossier with, among others, projects encouraging visitors to volunteer in the community. Time spent here partaking of a Rainforest Nature Photography Safari may help further a fledgling hobby or even career in photography. This one-of-a-kind small group (limited to 6 participants) Peruvian Amazon adventure is designed for beginner and intermediate photographers who are accompanied by a professional photographer eager to demonstrate the latest in high tech gear and how to get pro shots. Experiences include all-inclusive workshops and hands-on instruction in the jungle. Posada Amazonas Lodge, one of three accommodations under the directive of Peru’s visionary leader in sustainable tourism, Rainforest Expeditions was recently singled out as one of 10 international concerns to receive The Rainforest Alliance’s 2012 Sustainable Standard-Setter award.

Alaska Wildland Adventures, an Adventure Green Alaska-Gold certified, a small operator, exemplifies the three foundational pillars of true ecotourism in terms of environmental commitment, community involvement, and wildlife conservation. Unlike some operators in Alaska, they own and operate all the equipment for the activities and have built their own sustainable lodges. Its award-winning Ultimate Alaska Adventure featured in Outside Magazine’s “2011 Trips of the Year” combines outdoor activities, authentic lodging in a blend of riverside, backcountry and seacoast adventures in wild Alaska. The Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge Package is available at a Native-owned wildlife sanctuary on the edge of a protected lagoon. Here Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge and guest cabins overlook Pedersen Glacier.

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