December 15, 2010

Environmental Benefits of Sharing Cars

If you use public transportation often but are in need of a car occasionally or find that you frequently travel to major cities around the world and require a car rental, an environmentally friendlier option...
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Ecotourism Certification Standards: Brazil Adventure Tourism Certification

The Ecotourism Certification Standards series continues with Brazil Adventure Tourism Safety (Aventura Segura) program. With the recent granting of both the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympic Games, Brazil’s conscious stepping up of efforts...
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Riga Family Travel Ecotourism Itinerary

In the second of a family ecotourism series entitled Ecotourism in Northern Europe, I invite you to appreciate the splendor of Riga family travel. On the banks of the Daugava River, the capital of Latvia...
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Ecotourism in America: New York eco-itinerary

In the second of a series of articles highlighting the natural beauty and wildlife viewing opportunities within the United States, why not consider taking the family on New York eco-tourism getaway. Whether it is a...
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Ecotourism 101: What is ecotourism?

Over the last two decades, the term ecotourism has been manipulated in so many different ways, it is no wonder that there is confusion about exactly what is ecotourism.  As evidenced by the video below,...
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