We are now entering month #11 of COVID-19’s disruption of our businesses, schools, and lifestyles.  But, as we wait for the distribution of a vaccine, we can look at this more positively.  There is an opportunity to better discover our own backyards in terms of scenic drives, boutique hotels, and adventure activities.  These local businesses need a revenue boost.  So, since we could all use a change of scenery right about now, here are our local destination travel post-COVID tips for families and friends, which have created a “bubble”.

Local Destination Travel

Local Destination Travel Post COVID Options

  • Like it or not, the fact is that the US is built for driving.  And, roads carry high environmental costs associated with the construction and expansion of roadways.   While the debate of whether this underlying economic policy should continue, one of the benefits is that each state has at least one scenic, nature-focused, and sometimes national park exploring drive.

Transportation Options

  • If it’s economically feasible, you may want to consider renting a recreational vehicle (RV) for your getaway.  Class B RVs (the van style) are generally the most fuel-efficient offering 18-20 MPG.  If you bring along some camping equipment, you can book a campground site.
  • For those who want more flexibility, you may want to consider renting a hybrid or electric vehicle.  These rental options come with a map of charging stations across the country.

Sustainable Accommodation Options

Sustainable Activity Options

  • The National Park Service offers a range of outdoor recreational activities including bicycling and climbing.  In addition, some parks offer equestrianism, fishing, hiking, swimming, and snowshoeing.  Furthermore, many emerging recreational activities including stand up paddle-boarding, geocaching, sport climbing, pack-rafting, e-bikes, and electric kick scooters are being available.

Carbon Offsetting 

  • You can consider offsetting your getaway completely for just a few dollars unless you plan on having your adventure be completely off the grid in terms of electricity or water usage or waste generation.  The Green-e Climate carbon offset program provides an endorsement to independent, third-party greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction projects that result in real, enforceable, and permanent reductions.  Green-e Climate also protects consumers by monitoring how carbon offsets are transacted and advertised in the retail market.  Click for more off-the-grid options.


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