Longing to get away from the crowds while also providing a unique family vacation experience?  Fortunately, we’ve selected three destinations where you don’t have to sacrifice your sustainable values.  These locales provide relaxation, access to fine food, and memorable cultural experiences.  Better yet, these vacation havens offer historical treasures, soft adventures, and opportunities to reconnect as a family.  Specifically for pre-teens and teens, these ecotourism locales will inspire your budding global citizen.

Unique Family Vacation Destinations

Unique Family Vacation Activities around Fogo Island Inn Newfoundland

North America Unique Family Vacation – Fogo Island, Canada

First, if you wonder where on earth Fogo Island is, it’s halfway between the equator and the North Pole.  And, Fogo Island Inn, which you may have seen written up in many luxury travel magazines, is its crown jewel.  Furthermore, it is the brainchild of a seventh generation Fogo Islander, Zita Cobb, who grew up seeing the destructive changes the community was facing with overfishing by large companies.  Thus, the result is an Inn that is at the heart of the community and where all raw materials and finished products have been sustainably produced.  Come to see how the story has played out and stay for the abundance of activities.

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Vietnam Easia

Far East Unique Family Vacation – Vietnam

Above all, Mai Châu Valley is perfect for anyone seeking a true local experience in Vietnam. For starters, you can bike through the ancient villages and along the way the local Thai people in Mai Châu will offer lovely homestays and the opportunity to experience the local culture and cuisine.  Furthermore, you can experience the spectacular vistas of Van Long Nature Reserve, stay on a luxury small junk boat, and take a cooking class in Hue.  Come for the people and stay for the flavorful foods.

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Quebrada de las Conchas Natural Reserve

South America Unique Family Vacation – Argentina

Given its position at the foot of the Andes Mountains, the region of Salta in Argentina is filled with natural wonders.  In addition, many of these archeological sites, accessible via hiking trails, are still undisturbed.  Certainly, the added reward of delicious food and wine tasting each day doesn’t hurt either.  Come to the Andean North for its rich culture and colorful landscapes, and stay for the rural tourism experiences. 

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