Tasmania is a land that time forgot! Accordingly, my colleague had anticipated my feelings perfectly as we traversed through the beautiful vistas that make up this island state off the south coast of Australia. As a result, we concluded a perfect week in Tasmania where, among other things, we had observed wildlife alongside pristine seasides, rolling hills, and flourishing vineyards.

Equally, as a sign of ecological consciousness, we crossed lush forests that had elevated walking ramps to protect habitats. To complete the picture, we experienced quality accommodations, artistic culinary delights, quaint villages, and charming small city spectacles that offered lovely respites far from the ordinary. Collectively, these critical sustainable characteristics make some of the world’s best family travel experiences. And, Tasmania hit all the marks!

Tasmania Wildlife Expedition

Perfect week in Tasmania_cradle mountain
Exploring Iconic Cradle Mountain, Tasmania
Perfect Week in Tasmania_Cockatoo
Observing Plenty of Birding Spectacles Including Cockatoos

At its essence, Tasmania delivers as a unique, friendly, safe, manageable, uncrowded destination. The island is easily accessible by air from Sydney and Melbourne. But, Tasmania justifies interest given that 51% of its land area is a national park or marine protected area. By all means, it is well worth taking a week (or even more time) to discover.

So, for explorers interested in wildlife viewing, conservation, history, hiking, wine tasting, and culinary delights, a perfect week in Tasmania should be on every family travel bucket list.

Tasmania Wildlife Expedition

Perfect Week in Tasmania_mt wellington
Viewing a Rainbow Atop Mt Wellington, Hobart
Tasmanian Devils
Anticipating the Fighting Tasmanian Devils
Wallaby Freycinet National Park
Recording a Wallaby Hanging About, Freycinet National Park

Tasmania Wildlife Expedition

Perfect Week in Tasmania Highlights

Below, we’ve highlighted our favorite destinations for a perfect week in Tasmania.

  • Hobart Contemporary (Recommended 2 Days): Helpfully, you’ll be strolling along Salamanca Place by mid-morning after a quick morning flight. First, Hobart is a relaxed town with eclectic art, music, and a thriving foodie scene. Second, Hobart provides a great base for exploration. Specifically, you learn about its penal colony existence. Also, you can visit the area’s food markets, vineyards, and gin distilleries. In addition, visitors witness the city’s contemporary art scene at the Museum of Old & New Art. Finally, Hobart is a great base for day hikes up Mount Wellington, the Tasman Peninsula or Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair.
  • Maria Island National Park Wildlife (Recommended 3+ Days) – This Tasmania wildlife expedition is one of the 12 Great Walks of Australia making it a great choice for avid walkers. First, it is set on a world heritage listed national park just off the east coast of the island state. Furthermore, this all-inclusive tour is a gentle, high-standard, relatively flat, guided walk combining rare Tasmania wildlife, history, and culinary delights. See Tasmania Wildlife Expedition.
  • Freycinet National Park Luxury (Recommended 2 Days) – Conveniently, this park is just a three-hour drive north from Hobart with a luxury lodge that overlooks Tasmania’s Hazards Mountains and the pristine waters of Great Oyster Bay. Of course, guests partake from a range of unique activities. For example, you can schedule bush walks, visit working oyster farms, and learn about wetland and marine ecology. In addition, the luxury lodge offers Schouten Island boating experiences featuring interactions with albatross and marine mammals.

Accommodation Recommendations

In light of our ethos, we suggest this itinerary to spotlight our perfect week in Tasmania. Moreover, we recommend staying at the newly opened Maylands Lodge in Hobart and Saffire in Freycinet National Park.

Luxury Lodge Suite Freycinet National Park
Staying at the Luxury Lodge Suite, Freycinet National Park
Culinary Delights Josef Chromy Winery
Deciding Amongst Many Culinary Delights at the Josef Chromy Winery
Tasmania Walking
Marveling at How Tasmania’s Infrastructure Protects Ecosystems

Tasmania Wildlife Expedition

Combine Annual Festivals With Your Perfect Week in Tasmania

Moreover, you can combine the aforementioned activities with one of the many festivals occurring on the island each month.

  • MONA FOMA is a contemporary music and arts festival (mid-January)
  • 10 Days on the Island is an art festival (March)
  • Dark Mofo is an art and music festival (June)
  • Falls Festival is a music festival held in Marion Bay (early November)
  • Farmgate Festival is a unique food and wine tasting festival (November)
  • Taste of Tasmania is a food festival held in Hobart (Christmas to New Year’s Day)

In summary, Tasmania is sophisticated, ancient, and inspirational all at the same time.

Tourism Australia (Australia Wildlife Journeys) hosted our tour, but comments are my own.