Best Summer European Destinations for Families

Longing to discover Europe beyond the beaten path? Luckily, we have selected the best summer European destinations for families to discover history, adventure, and culture as well as magnificent places to relax and reconnect. In particular, whether you have toddlers or teens in tow, these ecotourism destinations will have everyone in a sunny mood this summer.

Unique Ecotourism Destinations

Kosovo Village Guesthouses Bulgaria


Bulgaria offers stunning vistas, a burgeoning wine industry, delicious food, fascinating history, and family-friendly adventure options. Moreover, people there have an inherent joie-de-vivre – singing and dancing without much persuasion. For instance, families will find Bulgaria to be safe, offering a very good standard of service, and many options for hikers to beach bums. Come soon if you want to be ahead of the crowds!

View Bulgarian Adventure – Land of Orpheus

Wilderness Sweden Rafting Tour


When it comes to ecotourism, we could learn a lot from the Scandinavian countries, especially Sweden. Actually, it’s one of the few countries which includes access to nature as a constitutional right. To that point, our National Geographic award-winning experience combines the best of its southerly wilderness without compromising on comfort. First, you’ll start your adventure by building your own timber raft out of logs and ropes (under professional supervision) and go down the Klarälven River. Each day, you’ll pass by local villages at a leisurely pace, take an active part in the cooking of meals – where dishes will be inspired by local specialties – and get a chance to relax. By night, you’ll sleep in comfortable accommodations. Combine this trip with a few days in Stockholm for a true Swedish experience.

View Sweden Timber Raft Adventure

Tried & True Summer European Destinations

Greece Swimming Family


Greece is making news and not just because of its successful sustainable tourism practices in support of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation’s (UNWTO) International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. Specifically, it is because the Millennial generation is choosing to incorporate sustainability into their careers and lifestyles. Moreover, this generation is quickly shedding the “traditional ladders” of success by leaving their Athenian lives and jobs with its “debt, pollution, overcrowding, and noise”. Instead, they are choosing to live and start a business either on their ancestral family home or on islands such as Crete, which has experienced a resurgence in international arrivals.

View Crete Island Experience

Beautiful young women swimming Croatia


Croatia has received a lot of press for offering pristine beaches as well as hiking and biking trails. Specifically, there’s much to do whether you are into history or finding that fantastic swimming spot. For example, our exclusive adventure in the northern part of the country is fully guided and can be a great add-on to a trip to Venice. For adventurers, this trip features northern Croatia and a bit of Slovenia too. You’ll sea kayak, bike, hike, raft, and taste your way across the region. 

View Croatia Family Adventure

Foodie Ecotourism Destinations

Ireland Countryside


Yes, Ireland is a foodie destination! From friendly people to extraordinary vistas (there’s a reason people call it the Emerald Isle) to beautiful music, there’s a lot on offer in Ireland. However, it’s the sustainably sourced food that will knock your socks off! Borne out of necessity, Irish chefs are making some waves in the culinary world. Combine the experience with an e-biking or hiking or sailing trip along the Wild Atlantic Way. In other words, this trip is sure to please everyone.

View Ireland Adventure

Scotland Biking Family Travel


Scotland is a perennial family favorite. It is a destination filled with organic farms, homestay options, and lots of outdoor activities. For example, our family holiday offers mountain biking, hiking, fishing and wildlife watching. In addition, you will visit world-famous attractions, such as Loch Ness, historic Urquhart Castle, and Beinn Eighe Nature Reserve. On this trip, many of Scotland’s traditions are treated to a family-friendly twist. Moreover, you’ll be taken for a kilt fitting, served up a Burns Supper and experience the Highland Games.

View Scotland Highlands Adventure

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  1. We plan to tour Europe this coming July and plan to visit at least 3 countries. Ireland is something that I want to travel since I was a teen but of course, it will be more exciting to visit other countries like Bulgaria and Germany too. Do you have suggestions about the best places to visit in Germany?

    1. Irene Lane

      Thanks Mike and yes, feel free to contact us via email and we’d be happy to offer some suggestions for Germany.