A responsible global citizen is more than someone who ditches plastic straws or re-uses hotel towels.  It means someone who takes social, economic, and environmental actions that benefit local communities.  These actions don’t have to take a backseat during a family vacation.  Here are some fabulous ecotourism locations for families that enjoy Spring Break lux travel along with opportunities to participate in conservation efforts and learn about sustainability.

Spring Break Lux Travel in Belize for Naturalists

Belize Rainforest 1

Belize is host to more than 87 ecosystems and 150 specials of animals.  This variety makes ecotourism and agriculture the lifeblood of Belize’s economy.  Visitors can learn about conservation efforts for the Jaguar and howler monkey.  And, birders can admire more than 618 species of resident and migrant birds.  With all that though, it’s the sea life that cannot be missed.  Belize has the longest continuous barrier reef in the Americas.  This means that Belize can be counted on for great snorkeling and scuba diving where manatees, stingrays, sharks, dolphins, coral, and turtles are easy to spot. 

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Spring Break Lux Travel in Mexico for Sun Worshippers

Mexico Hotel

Even though Mexico is constantly downplayed by the media, it is a country filled with world-class attractions and a deep sense of tradition.  Let’s not forget the perfect beaches for sunbathing too.  Our trip features Mexico’s only LEED Platinum certified B&B, located on a private stretch of a pristine beach in Tulum, Mexico.  It serves as the perfect luxury retreat for Spring Break.  You can participate in culinary and cultural adventures each day.   And, the hotel is situated just before the entrance to a 1.3 million acre Biosphere Reserve.  So, there is plenty of activities to keep busy families happy.  Imagine a place where the only sounds to be heard are the gentle breaking of waves, the swaying palms, and the calls of exotic birds!  This is it!

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Spring Break Travel in Cuba for Cultural Enthusiasts

Cuba Travel Tips

Americans can still travel to Cuba under the Support for the Cuban People category even with recent US Administration changes. In general, you’ll need to stay at a casa particular or Airbnb, support and engage with local businesses and independent entrepreneurs like artists, musicians, food vendors, or filmmakers, eat at local restaurants or paladares, and avoid military-owned businesses.  Our featured walking tour fulfills all those requirements.  You will visit with naturalist guides, farmers, historians, national park officials, artists, and small business entrepreneurs.  And, to deepen the educational and cultural exchange aspects of this trip, you’ll stay in some casa particulares.

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Spring Break Lux Travel in Costa Rica for Conservationists

Eco-hotels Finca Rosa Blanca in Costa Rica is a certified eco hotel

Costa Rica is called the Switzerland of Central America due to its politically stable democracy, technological advancements, high literacy rate, and high standard of living.  The country comprises .01% of the earth’s landmass.  Yet, it is home to 5% of the planet’s biodiversity.  It’s a conservationist’s dream vacation with more than 880 bird species and 500 mammal species to observe.  Visitors will marvel at the capuchin monkeys, poison dart frogs, and sea turtles.  Our customizable package takes you to Costa Rica’s best sites.  You will stay at luxury eco-lodges along the way. 

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