Flights vs Trains: How Train Travel Can Help Save Our Planet This Earth Day

As a way to celebrate Earth Day 2017 on April 22nd, Omio, the travel platform for comparing and booking trains, buses, and flights across Europe, compiled a list of 15 train travel routes that are more environmentally friendly and (surprisingly) faster than flying.

In collaboration with EcoPassenger, GoEuro compared the carbon emissions and energy resource consumption of the two modes of transport in order to outline the environmental benefit of opting for the train.

Comparing Train Travel Carbon Emissions

The time-lapse of the 15 plane journeys was then calculated with consideration to city transit time and airport security procedures in addition to actual travel time.

EcoPassenger used GoEuro’s data to analyze the load factor of travelers and find the total fuel consumption and carbon emissions of each travel option.

The findings have demonstrated the positive environmental impact that taking the train over flying has in a bid to encourage travelers to choose the train as a preferred mode of transport.

The study found that the Brussels to London train route saves 111.6kg in carbon dioxide and the journey time is over two hours quicker.

Comparing Train Travel Destinations

Aside from these benefits, many travelers would rather take the train as it’s a far more enjoyable experience with great views of Europe’s natural beauty.  See the full table of results below.

FromToTime Saved in hoursCarbon Dioxide
saved in Kg
Fuel consumption
saved in Liters

Naren Shaam, CEO of GoEuro commented “Train travel is one of the most effective modes of transportation across Europe. We have been conditioned to think that a one hour flight, is literally just that, and often we forget that the journey also includes the time to get to the airport and the two hours advised to clear security checks. By using the GoEuro platform, travelers will be able to compare the total travel times between rail, bus, and air, as well as the price and ultimately, make the most informed decision on their travel needs.”

According to the 2017 Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) report, more and more travelers are choosing to take environmentally friendly holidays which is where GoEuro comes in. The travel booking platform provides the smartest, quickest and cheapest transportation routes across Europe which can also help take the guesswork out of the environmental impact.

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    Muhammad Imran Bin Abdul Khani

    This is a very good initiative taken by GoEuro as it promotes eco tourism without compromising comfort and convenience. In fact, it makes it easier for travellers to travel. It also promotes the train facilities that are already in place. Hence, utilizing what is already provided. Other countries should take this as an example by utilizing the facilities that each country has to make travelling more eco friendly and convenient for travellers. Trains are a very eco friendly and convenient way of transportation but sadly not all country’s railway network is well developed such as Europe. Other countries should take Europe as an example and start investing in developing the country’s railway system as it not only benefits the citizen, but it also benefits the environment.