With ecotourism estimated to be the fastest-growing sector of the global tourism market (UNWTO), it is imperative that those of us seeking to reduce our environmental impact while traveling find ways to easily distinguish between authentic ecotourism and greenwashing.  This infographic helps clear the confusion.

While we don’t want to simply latch on to the green travel trend, we must be able to recognize travel organizations that are pushing beyond universally acceptable standards of reduce, reuse, and recycle

How to Ensure Authentic Ecotourism

One may determine that any steps taken by tourism companies to reduce their impact are a step in the right direction, but the curse of traditional tourism is that the positive feedback loop (which we create through social media) also enables massive increases tourism development and access.  

Therefore, the very destinations that we may most enjoy could be degraded due to popularity.

In order to ensure the long-term sustainable development of destinations for visitors, locals, and the environment, it is necessary to carefully assess the type of access being granted to visitors and what effects that cause on the local community and ecosystem.  

The infographic below depicts a few of the first questions a traveler can ask a travel company to ensure the support of the triple bottom line.

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    Great article guys, thank you ! Authentic Eco-tourism is a key for a better understanding of the world in which we are living. Life is precious and going travelling allow to both learn and grow. I mean, real travel, conscious travel. When we open ourselves to new cultures and experiences, we open our mind to new ways of thinking, living, and understanding. And this is how we can expect to change the world, waking up awareness.