Fulfill Your Bucket List: Travel with Me on Our Exclusive Farm-to-Table Heritage Tour to Crete

What are the first thoughts or images that come to mind when you think of Greece?  Is it its beautiful clear waters and beaches?  Strikingly blue skies?  Its whitewashed buildings?  Music and dance?  Its history?  Contributions to philosophy and our political process?  Its delicious and healthy food? 

Perhaps, is it all of these combined images that make Greece one of the most iconic “bucket list” travel destinations in the world.  

As Greenloons’ Founder, I’ve been fortunate to travel to many countries (and even live in a few) around the world and, in my humble opinion, there is no comparison within the six continents I’ve visited, to Greece.  

For example, one aspect of the country that stands out for me is its commitment to utilizing renewable energy sources and sustainable agricultural methods that is more a function of necessity and culture rather than a lifestyle choice.  In addition, and I share this opinion with many travelers, visiting Greece just once or even for a couple of weeks is just not enough because there is so much to see and to do.  

Images of Crete

It is for all these reasons that I have partnered with a celebrated Washington, DC Greek bakery, Baklava Couture, and a passionate sustainable agriculture events and media company, EventSprig, to create a unique and exclusive travel experience to Crete that celebrates food as a connecting force to heritage and culture.  

Whether you’ve traveled to Greece before or this would be your first journey, this not your typical Greek Island group tour.  We’ve crafted an experience that will impact and stay with you for a lifetime.

My goal is to introduce a small group of 12 culinary adventurers to the largest Greek island in the Aegean Sea.  Crete, quite beautiful in its own right, is criss-crossed by mountain ranges, gorges, caves as well as spectacular summits and beaches.  The island not only has its own regional dialect, native music, poetry, dance, and clothing, its customs are also proudly maintained by its inhabitants.

As a group by day, we’ll participate in hands-on cooking classes using hyper-local ingredients, share tastings at olive oil and wine producing vineyards, tour beehives and organic farms, and stroll through local food markets.  We’ll also bear witness to thousands of years of history, learn a bit of mythology, participate in a pottery workshop, and of course, introduce you to the best beaches and local restaurants of Crete.  By night, as a group, we’ll be staying in set of two villas (traditional mansions) located in a picturesque sea village.  

Crete offers fantastic options for archaeology, birding, kayaking, and hiking enthusiasts as well.  

As native Greeks, we invite you to explore Crete with us in September 2017.  Spots are limited, so we encourage you to contact us for more information and if you book before December 23, 2016, you will receive the early-bird booking rate thereby saving $250 per person.


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  1. Kerry (Goodtrippers)

    I love the sound of this. Greek food is delicious and tastes even better while eating outdoors in Greece, preferably with a seaview! Just discovered your site which is fantastic – take a look at Goodtrippers too if you’re into eco/responsible travel

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