New Greek Cooking Trips Reveal Secrets & History

I may be biased given my Greek heritage, but I think authentic Greek cuisine (I am not including the ubiquitous gyro) still represents the values of slow, farm to table cooking made with fresh, wholesome ingredients.  Whether you are a vegetarian, pescatarian or omnivore, it’s easy to find a wide variety of healthy dishes when traveling to Greece.  For many though, the act of Greek cooking seems arduous.  However, it does not need to be difficult with these Greek cooking trips.

Meet Chef Maria Krina.  Maria is a co-owner of Droseriko restaurant in Patras, which is the capital city of Western Greece, in the northern Peloponnese.  She has made a splash in Greece for being outspoken about what is happening with food production around the world and for using purely organic, raw materials from local producers in Greece and Cyprus.  Her specialty is highlighting the forgotten Greek dishes of yesteryear.  

Presently, she is a chef and kitchen manager for various hotels and restaurants on Syros Island, and just recently, Maria launched Cooking Tales, Hands On Greek Cuisine.  

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Maria is offering two, new cooking experiences that are just perfect for both the novice cook looking to expand his/her repertoire of dishes or the experienced chef looking to get better acquainted with Greek cuisine:

Syros Island Culinary Experience

This hands-on 8-day cooking trip (which can be expanded to 15 days) invites you to experience the culinary traditions and culture of Greece.  With a combination of cooking classes and gastronomic walks around the island of Syros, Maria will inform you about the philosophy and techniques that characterize Greek cuisine and give you the skills to cook these dishes at home.  Each recipe is cooked by two people, who will work together under Maria’s guidance.  Come share with Maria as she tells the tales she has collected through the years, passed down from generation to generation. Cook, learn, laugh and enjoy real Greek hospitality.  

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General Itinerary – Offered from May to October

Greek Cooking Trips – Sample Itinerary

Day 1 – Arrival, transfer and check in at the hotel.  Maria Krina, who will share with you the secrets of Greek cuisine the following days, welcomes you at the hotel with a light dinner in the hotel’s dining room with salads and sandwiches made of traditional Cycladic products. We will get to know each other and talk about the itinerary.

Day 2 – After a free morning, you will go on an afternoon guided walk in the medieval settlement of Ano Syros. At the end of the walk, you will have a rest at a traditional coffee shop, overlooking Ermoupoli and the port, drinking local Raki or handmade soft drinks (lemonade, sour cherry juice, orgeat) and testing Cycladic cheese, Louza (cured meat) and capers with barley rusks, olives, sea fennel and wild artichokes from Tinos island.
Maria presents some traditional food products of Cyclades and proposes their possible use in cooking.

Day 3 – This morning, you will have a hands-on cooking lesson and lunch afterward, enjoying the delicious dishes you have prepared. The duration of the course is about 3 hours and the menu includes legumes and vegetables, the basis of Greek food.  In the afternoon, you will have free time to swim, walk around or relax.

Day 4 – Today, you will have a guided visit to a local dairy factory, as the Cyclades are famous for their unique cheese products. We will taste their cheese, which we will use in the cooking class of the next day.  This experience will be followed by a traditional lunch at a tavern at Posidonia area.  After lunch, the rest of the afternoon and evening will be yours.

Day 5 – This morning, you will have another morning cooking lesson with Maria followed by lunch.  The lesson will cover grains and pasta dishes cooked the local way.  The rest of the afternoon will be free.

Day 6 – After a morning guided tour in Ermoupolis, you will visit a small company that makes desserts (Loukoumia).  You will learn how these delights are made, the history of Loukoumia in Syros and will taste the different kinds.  You will then visit one of the famous mansions of Ermoupoli, and talk about the bourgeoisie of Syros, the circumstances of its creation and the differentiation between the urban cuisine of Ermoupolis as opposed to the rural cuisine of the villages. You will taste local spooned-sweets served in the traditional way and liqueur citron from Naxos. Next, you will have a guided visit to the Church of the Assumption where the work of El Greco “The Assumption” is kept. In the churchyard, we will try ritual bread and dishes with Raki and we will talk about the connection of Greek traditional cuisine with the Christian Orthodox tradition.  The rest of the afternoon will be free.

Day 7 – This morning, you will have your final cooking lesson with Maria followed by lunch.  The lesson will cover dishes with meat and eggs. The rest of the afternoon will be free.

Day 8 – After breakfast, depart for your onward journey.

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  1. Ceren

    Hello Irene, nice article! I will surely add this to my to do list in Greece:) I work for a startup called and we are an online platform that you can book tours and activities offered by non-profits and community-based organisations! we would be honoured of you could try one of our tours- we also have in Greece:) also we give away a recipe book we made with our partner nonprofits at the moment to everyone who signs up to our website here cheers!

  2. Jeremy

    It was really an amazing experience on ecotourism.And also its a new type of tourism in our daily life.After i read this blog i was really interesting on this.Because it basic on the Greek cuisine and most of the intinery are all more focus on the food,even the activities also.but the particular was they want to using the food to hlep you have a clearly understanding about the culture and religions.not like the normal ecotourism are more focus on the full activities and the seeing through your eyes.this trip are more attract your heart or experience.In my opinion there are some ideas,there are a lot of nice nature virew and historical site we can fond in greek.if can add these to fill in your itinerary will be more interesting.And also the good thing is during the cooking the tourist can easy to close with each other and make more new friends during the cooking and get some new cooking skills.By the way it was really a nice design of ecotourism.if i have change i will try in the future.
    Thanks for your attention.
    Jeremy Du

  3. Janice Hans Christian

    This tour is related to ecotourism but not really apply the ecotourism activity,they just have the cooking class using the raw materials from local producers but the tour they are not using the vehicles, but they prefer walk to go tour around that place, my suggestions, its better to have special ecotourism trip like the accoodation can be on ecolodge and the cooking material is good, already support the ecotourism, but they should mention more about ecotourism