Sustainable Travel Tip: Select a Car Free Family Vacation Getaway

One of the easiest ways to support sustainable travel is to select a car free family vacation island for your next family trip.  A car free family vacation island, generally, has a healthier population due to less air pollution and a less sedentary population, improved conditions for culture and leisure facilities, more space set aside for gardens and parks, more energy-efficient and water-efficient buildings (due to necessity), higher real estate values, and lower rates of crime, among other benefits.

To provide some additional eco-inspiration, while I’ve written about our travel experiences in Hydra, Greece and more recently Mackinac Island, Michigan, here is a list of other U.S States and countries who have designated entire islands as car-free.

Car Free Family Vacation Island Destinations Around the World













United Kingdom

United States

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    Hye! Thank you for the information. However, i have few points that are related to your post. I was thinking if the island is car free, they will travel by boat aren’t they? Don’t you think boat will lead to water pollution as it releases oil and fuel. Some of them will release sewage and waste water that need to be discharged at sea. From my observation, island car free have no problem at air pollution but in terms of water, its quite bad as it is the main ‘road’ for the tourist n locals to use. The irresponsible tourist/locals might also litter into the sea which will damage the corals and give harm to fish.
    However all these can be prevent by discharge the sewage offshore away from swimmers and water sports or if they have containment facilities for sewage and waste water it she be pumped into approved sanitary stations.
    I hope my sharing can be benefit to others:)