There’s so much that surprised me during my trip to Ireland last October from the people (extraordinarily friendly souls who have a penchant for going out of their way to help others) to the vistas (there’s a reason people call it the Emerald Isle) to the music (celebrating humanity’s full range of emotions from sadness and tragedy to joy and passion) to the food (sustainably sourced by necessity and simply delicious) that it’s hard to pick out a moment that stood out above all!  But, I can and that moment was during an Ireland Greenway e-biking trip along the Wild Atlantic Way.

As I’ve mentioned before, an e-biking excursion manages to combine the best of both worlds for families who want a more serious calorie-burning excursion can set their bikes to “eco” mode while other riders who want more assistance can set their bikes to “standard” or “high” mode accordingly. In the end, e-bikes allow grandparents, parents and grandchildren to all take the same route without any concern that “granddad is slowing us down“.

Ireland Greenway Scenery

Ebiking Along the Wild Atlantic Way Ireland Greenway

The Ireland Greenway is its longest off-road hiking, walking and biking trail consisting of 42 kilometers (26 miles) of well-marked signposts with services available at each major village. Our route ran along part of Westport to Achill section of the Greenway was stunning!

Mussels Along The Greenway Ireland Wild Atlantic Way

I felt as though I could think and relax and be grateful for seeing these spectacular colors! And, if that wasn’t enough, the moment that I most enjoyed was when our small group was lead to a beach area wherein the distance, there was a gentleman fully dressed as a chef shucking oysters and preparing mussels over an open pit fire just for us! It was AWESOME and perhaps the moment defining moment our little group went from colleagues to good friends.

You cannot ask for more from a travel experience!

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    Mu'izz Naa'im

    Hello Irene Lane,

    This post really attractive because I have always wanted to visit Ireland. Ireland has ability to be top ecotourism destination in the world.

    First of all, I am studying Tourism Management and currently in second year of study.
    Ecotourism might be a recent travel idea, yet it has a long history in Ireland where little scale, sustainable, culturally sensitive and nature-based eco-escapes have developed actually around the nation’s wild scene. Ireland’s natural beauty has always been its biggest attraction, with eco-friendly activities, transport, accommodation, and organic food. In my point of view, sustainability is the core of any ecotourism business, and that also means making sure that you can sustain yourself well into the future as a thriving business.

    Apart from that, ecotourism in Ireland not only concentrate on greener environment but at the same time tourists can get opportunity to experiences many activities that is productive for them such as an e-biking, hiking and food. By doing this way, they can control the carbon emissions in Ireland as all the tourists use an e-biking for their trip and achieve the target to become the top ecotourism destination in the world.