(Infographic) What is the History and Impact of Ecotourism?

It may seem like a new phenomenon, but the concept of ecotourism has been around for more than 200 years when Alexander von Humboldt and botanist Aimé Bonpland traveled across Central and South America.  Since then, eco-conscious explorers have endeavored to support ecotourism that incorporates the values of S.E.E. (namely social empowerment, economic viability and environmental responsibility) and positively impact communities.  Read on about the history and impact of ecotourism and check out some favorite eco-destinations: Belize, Brazil, and Galapagos!

Infographic of History of Ecotourism
[INFOGRAPHIC] The History of Ecotourism

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  1. Interesting. I never knew ecotourism had such a long history. Though the voyage of the Beagle would have been more for scientific research and a thirst for knowledge than environmental preservation. New Zealand is not on that list. We need to work harder to inform people about its unique environment and friendly people

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