Why Bill Murray’s Advice about Finding True Love While Traveling is Spot On!

When my husband and I first met – almost 18 years ago – he didn’t even have a passport. He had traveled to Canada and Mexico of course, but back then, one only needed a valid U.S. driver’s license to cross the border back into the United States.

This may have sated him, but given my frequent inclination to travel overseas, I plainly declared a couple of months into the relationship, “If you want this to work, you’re going to need to get a passport.”

So, he did and a few months later we set off on our first trip together – to Italy – where I gratefully discovered that I had found a fantastic travel buddy!

You see, I think it’s extremely hard to find two kinds of people in this world – one you can shop with and one you can travel with in a foreign country. Chances are s/he won’t fit both categories. But, I’ve always believed that when you find that travel (or shopping) buddy, hold on and be grateful for your good fortune!

I was reminded of that a couple of weeks ago when Bill Murray essentially crashed a bachelor party in Charleston, South Carolina and proceeded to give some pre-marital advice about how to find “the one”, namely to travel the world with them first, get lost and work through the issues.

Since that first voyage to Italy, which admittedly was not terribly difficult to get around and maneuver, we’ve been to other parts of Europe as well as Asia, Central America, and most recently Africa. Along the way, we’ve found ourselves in unexpectedly dangerous situations, gotten completely lost or stranded, dealt with sickness and bad moods, and been swindled.

But, these incidents paled in comparison to the many wonderful times we’ve had exploring places, meeting interesting characters, and discovering who we are as people.

Simply put, I think that when someone is dealing with their own stress of being outside their comfort zone, s/he’s true colors are revealed. When that inevitable argument occurs, it begs the questions Do you still like them? and Do you like yourself?

Planning and going on a trip is one way to see a person’s true colors. Perhaps (assuming he has the resources and time like Bill Murray’s), the round-the-world trip is the advice we’ll give our son after he’s found “the one”.


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    Travelling has always been my one true love, does that count? Anyway, when you travel you expose yourself to different cultures, I think that’s why there’s a bigger possibility for you to be able to find someone you can relate to. This is just my thoughts.