Extreme Eco-Travel Experiences

Not sure when it happened, but somewhere along the way – maybe between the marketing of hemp clothing and natural cleaning products – the concept of a having green lifestyle became a bit, dare I say, boring. Fortunately, this is not the case with green travel.

While there are many meaningful and unique travel experiences to choose from that also happen to benefit communities socially, economically and environmentally, some of these voyages are downright extreme! Here are a few that will get your heart-pumping!

Volcano Boarding & Surfing in Nicaragua

nicaragua surfing

Nicaragua is fast developing a name for itself in the eco-travel industry – and for good reason! They’ve not only got fully loaded, high adrenaline activities to spare from zip lining through the cloud forest to volcano boarding on an active volcano, to catamaran sailing to surfing, trips also support reforestation, forest conservation, and local conservation programs.

Whitewater Rafting to Your Eco-Lodge in Costa Rica

Pacuare RiverRafting

An experience like no other! It’s one thing to stay at an eco-lodge and entirely another to have to whitewater raft your way through Class III-IV rapids to get there! Then, once you arrive at the eco-lodge, it will be surprising just how easy it is to exist without electricity! A stay here benefits the local Cabecar Indian community.

Read an article on tips for making your whitewater rafting experience safe.

Mountain Biking to Machu Picchu


Bike your way through Cusco Heights, the Archaeological Park of Moray, salt pans of Maras, Lares Mountain Pass, and the Sacred Valley before taking a final one-day hike to Machu Picchu. This trip, which is perfect for sport-lovers, promotes small businesses and cultural immersion along the way.

Rafting through the Swedish Wilderness


This National Geographic award-winning experience combines the best of Sweden’s most southerly wilderness and adventure. You’ll start out by building your own timber raft (a la Tom Sawyer) out of logs and ropes and then make your way down the Klarälven River for three days. Each day, you’ll pass by local villages and each evening, you’ll take an active part in cooking dinner – with dishes that are inspired by local specialties – before camping out under the stars. You’ll connect with nature in a whole new way! 

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    Alina Litovchenko

    When I have read this article I was amazingly surprised how easily we could combine two of the most preferable activities, which are eco-tourism and adventure tourism. I could say that from this side eco-tourism does not seem to be boring, but rather becomes more interesting and encourage people to try it out and become a part of it. Some more, I was very impressed by activity called “Rafting through the Swedish Wilderness” as you will be able to put yourself in the shoes of real eco-tourism travelers and even implement activities based on your knowledge, such as building up an timber rafts out of logs and ropes and drive it on the river passing by villages. Some more you will have a chance to keep in touch with the village inhabitants – which means to learn about their daily routine and lifestyle, which is a core part of eco tourism. Such chance allows people to understand and identify what eco-tourism is from new, unusual side and allows to be a part of the big process. Such activities give us an opportunity to approach to mother nature and its aspects as closed as possible, and in my opinion I think we must use this chance.