(Video) Traveling Like a Local: Meeting the Himba Tribe of Namibia

No doubt, you’ve seen interesting and wonderful photos of the Himba tribe women of Namibia.  Their skin and hair that are completely covered in a reddish hue, the lack of clothing apart from a loin cloth, and their beautifully braided hair covered in ash and jewelry intended to convey social status. 

We first saw the Himba women in Windhoek during our Namibian Safari last year. 

My son had a quizzical look when regarding their appearance, but felt at ease enough to ask questions like How did they get the reddish color?  It’s actually a paste they make from crushed stones, which contain high amounts of iron, with some cow butter.  Why do they wear it?  It acts as a both a natural insect repellant and sunscreen for their skin.

In many ways, the Himba tribe have different tastes and traditions, but as this excellent video from our travel insurance partner, World Nomads, shows, fundamentally these women are mothers, sisters and daughters that care and love to laugh and share.

We’re listing new trips to Namibia soon.  In the meantime, check out this video and our fabulous, culturally focused eco-lodge trips to Kenya and Botswana!



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