Fogo Island Inn: Nature Meets Community Sustainability, Cultural Sensitivity & Artistry!

We live in a fast-paced world where compromises are a reality. Specifically, in the world of sustainable travel, some guiding companies or green hotels compromise for the sake of profit while others compromise for the sake of making others (such as customers, employees, or even the community members) happy. So, three years ago, when I began hearing about the mission and vision for the Fogo Island Inn, I was rooting for its visionary, Zita Cobb, to construct an Inn that would triangulate sustainability with community cultural sensitivity and original, artistic design. Well, they did it!

For those of you who may wonder where on earth Fogo Island Inn is, it’s halfway between the equator and the North Pole and perhaps even more surprising, the island actually has seven distinct seasons with daily flights (via St. John’s Newfoundland (YYT), Gander and Deer Lake) and regular ferry services.

Fogo Island Inn is the brainchild of a seventh generation Fogo Islander, Zita Cobb, who grew up seeing the destructive changes the community was facing with the rampant increase in fishing by large companies.

The dream was to build an Inn that truly would be the heart of the community. The result is an Inn where all raw materials and finished products have been sustainably produced (try getting construction and finishing nails that have been manufactured ethically and you might scour the world, which they did.)

From the contemporary X-shaped design of the Inn with its jagged contours to the originally designed furniture and wallpaper to the heritage design quilts (produced by the local quilt makers’ guild) to the locally sourced (and award-winning) dining menu, Fogo Island Inn was built with local hands through and through.

Inside Photos of Sustainable Fogo Island Inn Newfoundland

You can choose from a selection of activities including participating in hands-on art workshops, learning about the fishing and cod culture, going on hiking expeditions, and discovering culinary secrets as well as participating in lobster picnics, boat tours, and story circles.

Activities around Fogo Island Inn Newfoundland

Best of all, all profits flow through a federally registered charity that will reinvest back into the community.

It’s remarkable the journey our lives can take when we stick to our principles and I certainly hope you get to experience the Fogo Island Inn for yourself to see how one community worked together to create something extraordinary (especially for family travel).

For families, children 12 years and under stay for free and for single travelers, there is a $200 deduction off the room rate. Check out Fogo Island Inn and let them know you found out about them through Greenloons.

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  1. Wild Time Adventures Travel Agency

    Good day Irene..
    We are second year students from the University of Namibia, Katima Mulilo Campus in Namibia, Africa. We are studying Ecotourism and we have an assignment to find an ecotourism blog and yours caught our attention. the building in the picture seems more luxurious and by our understanding of the ecotourism term the building somehow raised questions among us. The building materials of the building don’t look local also it (the building) disturbs the environment because some animals E.g Seals use that area as their breeding site and now they have to find another site. the fishing method don’t seem to be conserving the resources as it leads to over-fishing. we would like to know more about ecotourism.