Travelers are increasingly weighing their effects on the environment and local communities when deciding on a vacation destination. In fact, a 2012 TripAdvisor survey reports that green travel is gaining momentum among the site’s members; 71% said they plan to make more eco-friendly choices in the next 12 months. One such avenue of green tourism is ecotourism, and as explained in this ecotourism infographic, it is used to describe a set of environmentally sound practices that take into account every aspect of travel, including transportation, accommodation, and daily activities.

The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) defines ecotourism as the practice of “Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the welfare of local people.” Greenloons has its own set of criteria as listed here.

Ecotourism best practices are holistic: they affect both the traveler and the destination. Whether it’s a short domestic trip within the United States or to more far-off places like Peru, Switzerland, Greece, India, Costa Rica, and Botswana – just to name a few of the countries that have embraced ecotourism – the practices in place ensure that everything, from their natural areas to their local businesses, benefits from tourism.

Ecotourism vacations give travelers unique experiences and new insights into the world at large. Ultimately, an eco-friendly trip provides a holiday you can feel good about taking, in more ways than one.

Ecotourism Infographic



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    We always hold traveling up as this great opportunity to visit new places and to meet new people. And while it is exciting and fulfilling, it can also be incredibly stressful if you’re not properly planned for it. Check out this article and read up on some travel information that you should really know about.

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    Kaelynn Goh

    Ecotourism is becoming more popular and the travelers of ecotourism are increasing widely. In my opinion, ecotourism definitely is a different travel experience compares with others type of tourism. Ecotourism focuses on the discovery of wildlife in order to reduce the damage of the environment and improve the welfare of local community. The tourist can get a chance to participate a lot of activities with the nature, wildlife and culture. The principles of ecotourism are to provide positive experience for both visitors and hosts, beneficial to the local host population and also provide financial benefit to the conservation. It is a good experience to meet with new people while traveling around and also it bring an opportunity to explore different perspectives of ecotourism. Ecotourism not only can be done in United States, it can be done in any countries like Malaysia, Australia, China and many more that have eco friendly place and eco lodge like hotel and transportation. This is a deep involvement and interaction between with the nature, wildlife and culture. I agreed that traveling in a short domestic trip within the United States also consider as a eco travel because traveling not only outside of the country, it can be within the country as well. As I experienced ecotourism on myself, it was really an eye opener and very knowledgeable. For a vacation with conscience, consider ecotourism because I definitely think everyone should try once in their life, probably it change their perspective of ecotourism.

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    tinotenda m

    people are now considering being more Eco friendly when purchasing product and also travelling because more people are getting the education on ecotourism and how to be more sustainable. they are more aware of their impacts on the environment, this has greatly helped in increasing Eco travelers as well as ecotourism businesses. as for transportation yes there are some innovations coming up like the fuel efficient cars but we still have great potential to develop the transportation sector to be more Eco friendly. more countries are becoming Eco friendly and i think this is a step in the right direction because if the government is involved, this will help to initiate Eco friendly ways to the countries general population for example Botswana they have made it by law that every household that uses water heaters should use solar energy to power them, this encourages people to use more of renewable resources to help in preserving our natural non renewable resources. it is a good initiative by the government. but on the other hand Botswana being a third world country it might be hard on the local people to afford it unless they regulate the price on the solar panels. Eco tourism should be promoted more to encourage more and more people to travel green.