Why Local is Worth Every Cent – Benefits of Buying Local

So many of us are on the hunt for bargains – whether they be food, furnishings or travel bargains.  For the extra money saved, some of us will drive an extra 30 minutes to get to the store, overlook the lack of quality, and in the case of sustainable travel even miss what makes a region unique. However, did you know that if every family in the United States spent an extra $10 a month at a locally-owned, independent store (or B&B accommodation) rather than a national chain, it would put back over $9.3 Billion to the economy? For example, there are many benefits to buying locally grown food, and each person makes their choice for different reasons.  Locally grown food creates important economic opportunities, provides health benefits and helps to reduce environmental impact.  Additionally, many people feel local food tastes better and lasts longer.  The people at CustomMade produced this eye-opening infographic that discusses the economic and environmental benefits of buying local.

Buy Local, Money Stays Local & Strengthens the Economy

  • First, buying local fuels new employment and job opportunities for people within the community. Studies show, locally owned businesses employ more people per unit of sales, and retain more employees.  Furthermore, the expansion and growth of local businesses help create a more stable, recession-resistant local economy and community alike.
  • Second, buying local keeps money circulating within the local economy. Cash flow is vital for prosperity and local businesses recirculate a greater share of every dollar, as they create locally owned supply chains and invest in their employees.