Torres del Paine W Trek Through Patagonia

One of our eco-certified partners, EcoCamp Patagonia, has just produced its first infographic about the famed Torres del Paine W Trek and we wanted to share it with our readers to give you a better sense of 7-day trekking experience.  The 48 miles of trails in between the famous Torres del Paine craggy mountains are among the world’s classic trekking routes. As the season winds down to prepare for the southern hemisphere winter, we are again reminded of the fragile ecosystem of the area with its glaciers, rivers, lakes, forests and abundant wildlife provide constantly changing scenarios to nourish the nature-hungry soul.

With Andean condors circling overhead and guanacos grazing in the valleys, this amazing trek offers a genuine wilderness experience. So, if you are thinking about an unforgettable adventure during the southern hemisphere’s summer (November – March), consider a comfortable and sustainable stay at the EcoCamp or the W trek through Patagonia.

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