March 2013
One of our eco-certified partners, EcoCamp Patagonia, has just produced its first infographic about the famed W Trek through Torres del Paine and we wanted to share it with our readers to give you a better sense of 7 day trekking experience. The 48 miles of trails in between the famous Torres del Paine craggy...
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Extended Family Travel
It is downright tough to plan an extraordinary family vacation these days. Assuming you find a convenient time on the busy family calendar, you have to be conscious about activity and meal preferences — as well as your budget. Tying in the aspiration that the vacation be educational or experiential may overwhelm the planning process...
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Water Usage: Some Startling Numbers
When I first read this infographic on water usage from Loch Ness Water Gardens, I was amazed at how many gallons of water it took to produce one glass of orange juice (45 gallons) or just one egg (53 gallons). It got me thinking that from a sustainable travel point of view, as healthy and...
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