Why Mexico Eco Travel Signifies ‘Life’!

Recently, I read an article on CNN entitled ‘3 undeniable reasons to explore Mexico’ that discussed the notion that “the drug violence that grabs most of the headlines shouldn’t define a country so rich in world-class attractions”.

Having visited the states of Chiapas in 2011 and Veracruz in 2012, I completely agree with that sentiment.

Mexico signifies life to me – the people you meet along the way that leave an indelible mark, the sites that take your breath away, the sad circumstances and tragedies faced by people sometimes, the history that makes you ponder your own choices, the food that you can still close your eyes and smack your lips to taste, and finally – the sense that we neither control nor are defined by time.

I’ve traveled to many countries and there are very few that equate to the effect that Mexico had on me. Certainly, just as in some regions in Africa, the Middle East, South America and Asia, there are cities and states in Mexico to which I would not recommend going to right now. However, that does not mean discounting an entire country because of it.

Why? Because you would end up missing the church bells ringing in San Cristobal de las Casas each morning, the rhythm of the tropical rainforest that wakes you up from your comfortable slumber at an eco-lodge, or the Mayan ruins.  You would miss out on a cleansing temezcal steam bath in the Yucatan, fun rafting trip on Rio Antigua, the butterfly migration or even seeing a friendly gray whale come up alongside your kayak to say ‘hello’.

What are your memories of Mexico and if you haven’t been, what’s stopping you from visiting?

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