5 Reasons to Choose Brazil Family Travel Now

Brazil is hot, hot, hot right now and on top of many travel lists including most recently topping the grand-daddy of registers, namely The New York Times 46 Places to Visit in 2013.  For many reasons, Brazil family travel is experiencing an upswing in eco-travel choices.

Whether it’s due to its friendly and welcoming people who will be playing host to the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics or because the nature and wildlife in the Amazon Rainforest are synonymous with Brazil, the country is ready for the eco-adventure spotlight.

Brazil Family Travel

When you visit to attend the amazing Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, see the spectacular Iguazu Falls, hear the highly rated Brazilian Symphony Orchestra, or witness the ancient ecosystem of Cerrado, you must experience Brazil’s diverse sustainable tourism offerings, many of which also carry the country’s eco-certification standard.

Brazil five major ecosystems that are worth a closer look:

  1. The Amazon is the largest and most intact rainforest region in the world; custom trips such as Amazon River small and comfortable voyages can be designed in accordance to preferences.
  2. Pantanal is the largest wetlands in the world can be explored.
  3. The Atlantic Forest that once stretched along the Brazilian coast only has less than 10% of the area. Check out the idyllic tropical beaches, forests and wildlife.
  4. Cerrado is one of the more ancient ecosystems of South America with an area equal to Western Europe.
  5. Caatinga is considered the ancient badlands of northeastern Brazil as well as a haven for birders.

Read an article about conservation efforts in the Brazilian Amazon.

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