Cusco Travel to Land of the Incas

Cusco comes from the Quechua word Qosqo that means navel of the world. Cusco lies at southeastern of Peru, near the Urubamba Valley of the Andes mountain range. Currently the population is 380,000 three times more than 20 years ago.
Cusco was declared as the cultural heritage of the mankind by the UNESCO in the 1983.
As you know Cuzco was the capital of the Inca Empire. Cusco was created with as an effigy in the shape of a puma; a sacred animal of the Incas, Under the Inca, and the city had two sectors: the urin and hanan. Each was further divided to encompass two of the four provinces, Chinchasuyu (NW), Antisuyu (NE), Qontisuyu (SW) and Qullasuyu (SE).
According to Inca legend, the city was built by Sapa Inca Pachacuti, the man who transformed the Kingdom of Cuzco from a sleepy city-state into the vast empire of Tahuantinsuyo.
Cusco is a major tourist destination and receives almost 2 million visitors a year. It is designated as the Historical Capital of Peru by the Constitution of Peru. Cusco is the most beautiful place in Peru with lot kind of touristic places like Cusco city tour, Sacred Valley of the Incas, Machupicchu tours, Inca Trail trek, Inca Jungle trek, Lares trek, among others.
The most important that we must know before you arrive to Cusco is to know the weather condition in Cusco, Cusco has a varied weather, has a couple of seasons, the rainy season (from November to March) and dry season (April to October), the best time to travel to Cusco is from May to October however in rainy season is also good.

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