Inca Trail Hikes, Machu Picchu

Before arriving to Cusco, all the travelers must know that Cusco lies at 3400 m.a.s.l and we have to care about the high altitude, specially if you are going to do the Inca Trail.  I want to give you some tips how to avoid the altitude sickness.

High altitude sickness refers to a series of sickness in plateau for people who come to over 3000 meters plateau without adaption training, partial pressure of oxygen in air decrease and organism tolerance to hypoxia also decrease that people can’t adapt to the environment and cause oxygen-poor. Of course, except the oxygen-poor on plateau, the bad weather, like wind, rain, snow, cold, strong ultraviolet irradiation and so on will intensify the high altitude sickness and cause different high altitude adaption deficiency disease.


Most people who first come to Cusco will appear different degree high altitude sickness. There are no regulations about what kind of people will appear high altitude sickness. The best way to avoid and relieve high altitude sickness is keeping good mood to face it, because of many symptoms are caused by mental reaction. There are some suggestions for the people first to plateau: don’t walk quickly, run or do physical labor; don’t drink or eat too much to increase the burden of digestive organs; don’t smoke and drink alcohol; eat more vegetables, fruits and the things with rich vitamin; drink proper quantity of water; pay attention to keeping warm; don’t have bathe often to avoid cold and consumption of physical. Don’t take oxygen at the beginning, should adapt to the environment by yourself as you can. Or, you can’t leave taking oxygen in plateau.

The degree of high altitude sickness is differs for different persons. Commonly, young people will better than the old and children. For people who live in low altitude areas (like eastern coastal areas) firstly come to plateau, they will appear slight high altitude sickness premonitory when the altitude over 2000 meters, like easy hungry, headache, insomnia and so on. In this moment, people should pay more attention to keeping warm to avoid cold. When the altitude over 3000 meters, many people will appear obvious high altitude sickness, like breathing deeply, lips become purple and so on. People, who first come to plateau and the aim is reaching over 3000 meters place, must do preparation work. If you have enough time, don’t increase the altitude too fast. To take a rest for one or three days after reaching 3500 meters, then, come to higher places. It can relieve the high altitude sickness.

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