Patagonia is one of the world’s greatest natural treasures—admired for both its ecological significance and its extraordinary beauty. However, in the last 100 years, forest fires and human intervention have destroyed more than 7.5 million acres of pristine wilderness.

One of the region’s worst fires occurred in December 2011, destroying 42,500 acres in Torres del Paine National Park. This tragedy inspired Reforest Patagonia, the largest native-species reforestation campaign in Chile’s history.

Reforest Patagonia Wilderness

The goal is to plant more than 1 million trees in Torres del Paine National Park, Lago Carlota National Reserve, Cerro Castillo National Reserve, and Laguna San Rafael National Reserve. They will plant three species of native-species trees including the Lenga (N. pumilio), the Coigüe (N. betuloides) and the Ñirre (N. antarctica).

Their advanced GPS and mapping technologies allow them to record the exact coordinates where each tree will be planted. Along with a digital Certificate of Reforestation, each individual who plants a tree via the virtual forest platform will receive the coordinates of their tree, as well as a geo-tagged link showing them its location on Google Maps.

Reforest Patagonia is a nonprofit, public-private alliance that unites people of different backgrounds, cultures, and nationalities with a single objective: to recover one of the world’s most important ecosystems.

Patagonia matters to us all. Join this historic campaign by planting your own tree for only $4. Give a tree today!

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