Alaska Glacier Lodge is Great Example of Ecotourism in Action

There are many reasons why Alaska Glacier Lodge in Kenai Fjords National Park is a great example of Ecotourism in Action.  We’ve listed just seven of them below.

  1. The project is small-scale and developed with specific limits. It will not “evolve” into a large resort hotel over time.
  2. The Glacier Lodge has been built with a very light touch on the environment, utilizing locally available products as much as possible. Techniques were borrowed or invented and extra time, energy and money were expended to create a sizeable facility without using invasive practices.
  3. The land surrounding the ten acres of lodge development has been set aside and is managed as a private reserve: the Pedersen Lagoon Wildlife Sanctuary. The management plan for the Sanctuary is very much like a management plan for a park or refuge.
  4. The development and the visitor activities are very compatible with the goals and mission of the surrounding national park. Sharing interpretive information on the flora and fauna, the marine ecosystem and Kenai Fjords National Park is a priority of the lodge.
  5. Best practices in operations are in place. Alaska Wildland Adventures has received a Gold Level rating from Adventure Green Alaska, an Alaska-based ecotourism certification program.
  6. Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge will work with the Alaska Native community of Port Graham to develop a cultural program over the course of several years. This will be done in a sensitive manner with the aim of helping to preserve and respect their unique heritage.
  7. Private land owned by an Alaska Native Village Corporation is used for sustainable tourism, thus providing an alternative economic return on the land from other possible uses that would have a much greater impact (such as logging, mineral extraction, large-scale tourism resort, etc).

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