After days of overcast and rain, the morning sun over Luzern was a very welcome sight! I was not enjoying it in alone as (it seemed) many of Luzern’s residents, visitors and children came out in droves either for a stroll along the city’s main tourist attractions or a moment of contemplation in one of its many quiet, hidden corners.  The result is a photo series of Luzern travel sites.

As a child living in Lausanne, Switzerland our family visited Luzern/Lucerne occasionally and as a result, I have many happy memories that signify the importance of just slowing down. While I was supposed to have been attending the Adventure Travel World Summit, I instead decided to slow down and take in the colors and quiet strength of a typical morning in Luzern as I walked from the Art Deco Montana hotel to the KKL Luzern Convention Center.

Luzern Travel Photos

The following series of photos was taken on Thursday, October 11 between 9:30 am and 11:30 am.

Luzern Travel Photo Series

Luzern Travel Sites

Luzern Travel Markets

Luzern Travel Amusements

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