Dear Veracruz,

It’s been almost one month since I came home from your amazing State that stretches along the Gulf Coast like “the graceful tentacle of a sea creature” – and I’m still smiling.

I loved how the strong Mexican sun cascaded all over your lovely beaches, mountainous peaks and formidable rivers, and the even friendlier hospitality that permeated through all your people. I loved learning about your indigenous cultures as well as the infusion of Afro-Cuban and Spanish artistry, music, foods, bright colors, and traditions. More huachinango a la veracruzana, (red snapper in a spicy tomato sauce) por favor!

Veracruz, I so enjoyed hearing how Pro Natura is tracking migratory birds of prey and contributing to educational efforts for local schoolchildren as well as indulging in some serious mountain biking through the forest and whitewater rafting down Rio Antigua.

You revealed your eco-conscious side with a wonderful stay at Mexico Verde, a family-friendly eco-lodge with our luxurious en-suite tent, invigorating temazcal steam bath, refreshing swimming pool, fun trampoline and exciting team-building callisthenic course.

Mexico Verde Campsite

I still remember how the fresh air and sounds of the night lulled me to sleep on my canopy bed with crisp white linens, and how the wonderful smell of freshly roasted coffee awakened me in the morning (wait…it may just have been the lodge’s wake up “alarm” of rhythmic drums that woke me up and then seeing the hot coffee waiting on our patio!) Actually, I preferred the hot chocolate with cinnamon and nutmeg alongside my made-to-order omelet, but I digress.

Mexico Verde

You also let me take a peek at your spiritual side with an enchanting visit to Nanciyaga for a mud facial and all-important moment to connect with Mother Earth.

Blessing Ritual at Nanciyaga

Veracruz, for me you are a found treasure – and I thank YOU for letting me discover you.

Until next time…my love.

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    Gaby Vega

    Very nice, Irene. I was wondering how to make a posting distinctive since all blogs seem to be constrained to a certain graphic structure, ie; text, image, text image. Sometimes I feel as though travel blogs lack that deep connection with the elements and emotion that is so apparent when traveling. This is a great solution; I felt it, and since I lived it I reconnected with the emotion. To other readers, though, your emotive words connects them to Veracruz even if they have not visited yet. Very nice. Lovely! I subsrcibed to Greenloons. I hope to have a close relationship with many aspects of your company. Salud! -Gaby Vega