Early-Adopters Sustainable Spotlight: Fjord Norway

The Global Sustainable Tourism Council recently spotlighted Norway’s efforts toward ecotourism:

The Norwegian fjords have a tourism history dating back to 1850. The area is known for its pristine natural beauty and its stunning fjords and has won many accolades. In 2006, two of its fjords were named among the world’s best-cared-for UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and in 2009 the region was rated the world’s most iconic travel destination by National Geographic’s Traveler Magazine.

Along with support from the Norwegian government, Fjord Norway has come far in sustainable practices. They have developed a regional “white book” establishing criteria for sustainable thinking within the adventure travel trade industry and have a 10-year project in place, to develop the region as a leading adventure travel destination with a focus on sustainability.

However, they are eager to do even more, explains Fjord Norway’s CEO, Kristian B. Jorgensen, “Being part of the GSTC’s Early Adopter program is a very concrete way of helping us find the balance between preserving our spectacular landscape and growing as an attractive, nature-based travel destination.”

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