Luna Lodge Helps Conserve Habitats, Entire Ecosystems on Osa Peninsula

While Costa Rica comprises only .01% of the earth’s landmass, it is home to five percent (5%) of the planet’s biodiversity. Breaking it down even more, within Costa Rica, the Osa Peninsula provides a pristine habitat to more than half of all the bird, butterfly, mammal and plant species found in the country.

In other words, if you want to see 2.5% of the planet’s flora and fauna species during one vacation, head to the Osa Peninsula!

Located in the southwestern part of Costa Rica, the lucky visitor to the Osa Peninsula can hike and horseback ride through Corcovado National Park and Carate River Valley as well as swim and fish at Drake Bay and Golfito all the while seeing quite rugged and relatively untouched terrain.

One of our partners, Lana Wedmore, owns one of the most celebrated eco-lodges on the Osa Peninsula – Luna Lodge. For several years, Luna Lodge has joined forces with the El Tigre Foundation with the mission to protect the Carate River Valley from resort development.

The project is called the Costa Rica White Hawk Project and its mission is to purchase land so it remains untouched and accessible to the capuchin monkeys, frogs, birds, and other species that are found in this ecosystem. Eventually, the foundation wants to create a protected corridor from Luna Lodge through Corcovado National Park to the southern peninsula.

As you can see from the video and testimonials below, there has been a lot of progress towards this effort:

“What can I say that a hundred people before us have not already said? Our stay enchanting, the place magical, the staff amazing! It is impossible, I think, to not feel your heart reach out and touch everything around here where there is so much life. Lana, your vision for White Hawk project is so inspiring. We will spread the word, the mission, to everyone we know. The need for such preservation should weigh heavy on every person’s mind and spirit. To all Luna Lodge staff, we cannot express just how amazing what you do really is. You are all a rare breed of humans, sadly lacking in the world. You make everything so bright.” Much love, (the newlyweds) Daniel and Carlie M.

“Suzie and I really enjoyed spending 4 days with you and your amazing team. Thank you for helping us build so many wonderful memories together. I really respect your commitment to protecting the nature and native culture of the Osa. The long-term survival of the sea turtles and the Jaguars alike depend on the passion of local champions like you. May you continue to spread enlightenment throughout the land, which will more people to action.” Your friends, Suzie and Carlton W.

Thus far, more than $60,000 has been raised toward the purchase of these lands.

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    Thank God there are still entrepreneurs with a high environmental awareness. I’m very happy living in the osa peninsula, where tourist development is shakes hands with nature. For our country and for the rest of the world this type of projects or works like the Moon Lodge should be recognized.