Bizarre Festivals: Sporting, Indigenous & Heritage Festivals This August

By now, you are probably experiencing the lazy days of August in the run-up to September, where school starts, fall sports, and cooler weather change the dynamic of weekend getaways. However, if you’ve got one more weekend getaway left in you and want to do something really different – check out these great, bizarre festivals in the United States and around the world.

Bizarre Festivals United States

  • Weird Contest Week (Ocean City, NJ) – think free, family events for people who like to play with their food.
  • Belly Dance Festival (Snowbird, UT) – think women dancing in beautiful outfits to Arabian music.
  • Bumbershoot (Seattle, WA) – think America’s largest urban festival that crosses music, film, comedy, poetry, dance and street performances.
  • Cowboy Poetry Gathering (Lewistown, MT) – think the preservation of history, heritage, and values of the American cowboy in the upper Rocky Mountains.

Bizarre Festivals Around the World

  • Darwin Festival (Darwin, NT, Australia) – think a cultural celebration of the Darwin lifestyle.
  • Garma Festival (Arnhem Land, NT, Australia) – think 20 clan groups of indigenous peoples throughout the Northern Territory celebrating with dance and other cultural events.
  • Tufi Cultural Festival (Tufi, Papua New Guinea) – think local communities of clans performing and displaying original artwork and crafts.
  • La Tomatina (Bunol, Spain) – think world’s largest tomato, all-out food fight
  • Air Guitar World Championships (Oulu, Finland) – think folks who are very serious about playing air guitar
  • Balls of Fire – Bolas de Fuego (Nejapa, El Salvador) – think teams of people who hurl gasoline-soaked cloth balls to commemorate a volcanic eruption in 1922.
  • Bog Snorkeling Championships (Llanwrtyd Wells, Powys, Wales) – think a messy competition that requires contestants to work/snorkel their way through a trench filled with water and peat in the shortest time possible.
  • Toe Wrestling World Championship (Derbyshire, England) – think a group of people who invented a sport to raise money for the “Wish upon a Star” Foundation.

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