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August 2012

Luna Lodge helps to conserve habitats, entire ecosystems on Osa Peninsula

While Costa Rica comprises only .01% of the earth’s landmass, it is home to five percent (5%) of the planet’s biodiversity. Breaking it down even more, within Costa Rica, the Osa Peninsula provides a pristine...
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Greenloons Featured in Forbes

Toil and Travel: Gloriously Green Holiday Gifts. Recently published in Forbes, read Irene’s recommendations for travel experiences that continue to give back long after the Holidays are done. Well in advance of the upcoming holidays, consider...
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Nostalgic, summer eco-getaway to Kennebunkport

Some of my formative summer seasons were spent in Rhode Island and since Block Island and Newport were within close driving (or ferry) distance, it never occurred to our family to visit Kennebunkport too. Well,...
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Bizarre sporting, indigenous heritage and other cool festivals on this August

By now, you are probably experiencing the lazy days of August in the run up to September, where school starts, fall sports and cooler weather change the dynamic of weekend getaways. However, if you’ve got...
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Edward Norton’s Maasai Conservation Safari

Edward Norton – known to many of us as the star of The Illusionist, 25th Hour, Fight Club and American History X – travelled to Kenya, where he stayed at a lodge called Campi ya...
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