Need Eco Travel Ideas? Start with Green College Campuses

If you are looking for some eco travel inspiration, start by visiting the towns across the United States that host green college campuses. Compiled by Princeton Review, this list depicts how many colleges are leading the charge in building LEED-Certifed buildings, growing their own crops in organic farms and gardens, and offering degrees in sustainability.

Top 50 Green Colleges were chosen based on a combination of school-reported data and student opinion, collected in 2016–2017 via institutional and student surveys.

Survey questions covered these key factors:

  • whether students have a quality of life on campus that is both healthy and sustainable
  • how well a school is preparing students for employment in an increasingly green economy
  • how environmentally responsible a school’s policies are

Student survey responses included student ratings of how sustainability issues influenced their education and life on campus; administration and student support for environmental awareness and conservation efforts; and the visibility and impact of student environmental groups.

The College of the Atlantic topped 2017’s list. Do you live near a green college campus? Do you think they could do better?

Green College California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, California

Green College Campus Ideas
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    I am a degree student undergoing my studies in International Tourism Management (Travel and Recreation), The blog has very useful information that raises awareness toward the environment, developing young minds to be more Eco-friendly. By this method, most of the university are convinced to take part of this eco-friendly act, in order for the university to teach the students to be an eco-friendly person once they have left the university. For example, reusing the papers that are used by the office management and let the students to use it for their school homework or assessment that are given by the lecturer during their classes. Also, having recycle bins around the campus area in order for the students to practice recycling methods.

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    Isaac Nicklaus Pek


    I’m a student who’s studying International Toursim Management, in Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus, Malaysia. This blog has shown that universities across the US has started being eco friendly. By this way, Universities in the US are encourage to become eco friendly, in order to spread awareness to their students. In my opinion, teaching today’s youth about being eco friendly is vital for our future because they are the leaders of tomorrow. They will one day lead the world and it is up to this generation of teachers to spread the awareness of the environment.