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June 2012

Pageantry of Euro 2012 Warsaw Opening Day

This short video (shot entirely on June 8, 2012) encapsulates the festive nature of Warsaw during the opening day of the Euro 2012 Warsaw football (soccer) championships. Co-hosting with Ukraine, Poland’s capital city was well...
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NY Times Features Certified Eco-Travel

Read this New York Times article entitled Up Close, but Doing No Harm that discusses the importance of working with certified eco-travel tour operators. “While tourism is a vital source of income for many developing...
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Why I think Krakow is the best kept eco-travel secret in Europe!

Our family visit to Poland earlier this month came about because we had the opportunity to attend the opening game of Euro 2012 (Poland versus Greece) in Warsaw. While it was a thrilling match (not...
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Top 5 Eco-Travel Tips for Euro 2012 UEFA Championships

It’s just about time for the start of one of the most hallowed traditions in football (aka soccer for us Americans). It’s time for UEFA’s Euro 2012 and the host countries of Poland and Ukraine...
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